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Surgery Assistant Device

Software for a surgery visualization system

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Helping medical heroes save lives

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well

125 %

Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 480 hours every week on the development of this solution

weeks ahead of schedule

Crucial tool

The surgery assistant system is widely used during complicated joint surgical operations

successful surgeries

About the project

Our customer is a multinational supplier of medical devices that are widely used around the globe. Having the aim of providing efficient means for joint surgical operations, the company designed a compact, easy-to-use, and scalable surgery visualization device. The device includes all the necessary tools and accessories: cameras, the main and secondary displays, digital color printer, arthroscopes, sheaths, etc. Such a system needs reliable hi-tech software.




14 months

Team size

12 developers


C++, .Net, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Xamarin

Project Results

The customer's surgery assistant device with the software delivered by Andersen’s engineers has become a truly useful hi-tech solution for joint surgical operations. It gained the approval of the leading medical institutions: the company signed more than 10 supply contracts within the first 2 weeks. The visualization system has been recognized as one of the best products of the customer, and its high popularity worked as an additional advertising tool leading to an increase in sales.


New contracts


Sales increase


Satisfaction rate

Client’s feedback

SMB, enterprise, and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen

Daniel Gibbs
Daniel Gibbs Public Relations Manager

We set a goal to create a highly efficient digital assistant aimed at helping in surgical practice. Obviously, the software for that system was expected to be high profile too. Andersen has not only delivered the software that fully meets the requirements but also helped us improve the idea by suggesting to implement several additional features and develop a corresponding mobile app for remote control.

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