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A Data-Driven Medical Solution for a Skin-Care Provider


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A Data-Driven Medical Solution for a Skin-Care Provider

About the client

Universkin is a European manufacturer of highly efficient skin care components for a data-driven holistic approach to tackling challenging facial skin conditions.

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About the project

The Universkin platform functions on a web basis. As such, it:

  • Connects clients and doctors via respective accounts;
  • Features special services for doctors, e.g. serum preparation recommendations and the capability to track the patient's skin care journey;
  • Supports an online store of ready-made Universkin products.

The resulting user flow is as follows. A patient uploads their photo and answers several questions. After that, proprietary AI-driven algorithms analyze their skin type and other characteristics and connect the client with a doctor. The doctor produces a skin care product (i.e. serum), tailored to the client's needs, from Universkin's ingredients. Then, the client receives the product, which specifically matches their skin type, by post.

While working on this platform, our team of Pharma industry software experts, in close collaboration with the customer, gathered and analyzed tech requirements, developed the front-end and back-end parts, integrated the customer's AI into the back-end, tuned all notifications, and implemented communication channels.

duration24 months


This IT initiative posed a range of challenges that our team has successfully resolved, including:

  • Ambitious global scale from the very beginning;
  • Full compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA standards;
  • Exceptional usability, both for medical providers and patients;
  • Seamless integration with payment systems and communication channels.

App functionality

User registration

Andersen designed and implemented a registration flow catered to the needs of doctors and patients, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other data protection regulations.

Dashboard management

Since any treatment of skin conditions is universally based on individual cases, having a customizable dashboard is also essential for medical professionals using this solution. Therefore, our healthcare IT experts ensured a dashboard management capability, allowing users to manage the main page of the dashboard according to the available settings. Among other things, it enables medical professionals to add data and control the post-care stage (after the treatment is finished). On top of that, one can search for care receivers via the main page by names/emails/phone numbers. It is also possible to filter them by required parameters. All applicable parameters are divided into three sections, with a multiselection capability also available.


Adherence to care routines is key. With this priority in mind, our experts added notifications to the solution's range of functionalities. These notifications remind users of the steps to be taken, following the care recommendations. Other notifications inform medical professionals about developments requiring their attention and their daily responsibilities regarding various treatment plans, ensuring they provide better care and miss nothing of importance.

User profiles

Treatment of various skin conditions remotely involves handling large quantities of patient information. In order to handle this challenge, our tech experts developed a comprehensive system of user profiles. The latter give the possibility to add, store, analyze, and use every needed piece of care data. The following sections can be found in the profiles:

  • User profile picture;
  • Personal data section;
  • Various statuses, statistics, and options to change medical data according to the current state of the patient's skin;
  • Capability to upload relevant medical documents.

Therefore, medical professionals are in the right position to view health histories and diagnosis-related information, compare treatment results, and update treatment plans depending on the recommendations generated by advanced algorithms. The platform enables specialists to select the most effective treatment plans based on diagnostic results. In this fashion, the system helps to identify the most appropriate cosmeceuticals by displaying available products with data tags, divided into sections. The system also keeps a record of care recommendations, estimates the duration of a prescribed care plan, and tracks the user's skin care journey. As a result, proper care is received, while medical specialists can conveniently and seamlessly work on their cases.


In close cooperation with our analysts and software engineers, the skin care business has obtained a cutting-edge data-driven skin software tool for its users. Thanks to the personalized capabilities, the average duration required for treating a user's skin condition is reduced to a mere 5-6 weeks. Consequently, this has led to increased client loyalty and satisfaction rates, enabling the company to generate higher revenue and attract more customers.

Project results

  • The launch of a customized online store;
  • A more stable and reliable system;
  • A new library applied to the admin panel;
  • Integration with a CRM system;
  • A delivery tracking system added, and a system for consumer reviews delivered;
  • Full compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and PIPEDA ensured;
  • Integration with third parties ensured, including online payment systems;
  • Thorough redesign of the system with an extension of its functionalities.

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CTO at Universkin