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For over 12 years, Andersen has been providing cloud software development services by creating applications from scratch and organizing the migration of ready-made software to Amazon servers. Additionally, our 24/7 cloud support services are used by some Fortune 500 companies. Here are just a few of our most demanded cloud services:

AWS cloud development

  • Creation of web and mobile applications for AWS

  • Optimization of legacy cloud solutions

  • Integration of microservices and distributed systems with AWS

  • Setting up of Amazon services

  • Cloud architecture design

Business Analytics for AWS

  • Data storage and processing

  • ML and AI solutions on Amazon servers

  • Predictive analytics

  • Complex cloud services for business analytics

DevOps for AWS


  • Automation of manual tasks

  • Automation of cloud software updates

Cloud migration

  • Migration of data and infrastructure to the cloud

  • Migration from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure to AWS platform

As reported by Forrester Research, 40% of the largest companies in the world are already using Amazon cloud services. Over the next 5 years, this figure will double. Join the best. Take full advantage of cloud computing.

Amazon services

Amazon provides a wide range of services for each specific case. Choose and explore the product that meets your needs, and we will help you to properly use all its advantages to achieve your goals and save money.


Virtual server hosting, container management, and serverless computing.


A reliable, scalable, and secure place for your data.


The broadest selection of purpose-built databases for all your application needs.

Networking & Content Delivery

The network for the world’s workloads delivered through continuous innovation.

Application Integration

Integrate distributed systems and serverless applications with less code.

Machine Learning

Easily add intelligence to applications.


Services to get answers from all your data to all your users in a fast way.

Management Tools

To enable, provision, and operate your environment for both business agility and governance control.

Internet of Things

IoT services for industrial, consumer, and commercial solutions.


Fully managed service to create and manage scalable blockchain networks.

Security, Identity, & Compliance

Protection, Identity & access management, Compliance & data privacy.

Mobile Services

The fastest way to build mobile and web applications.

Andersen’s corresponding services

Our company, being an authorized and certified partner of Amazon and highly qualified, offers its services in the field of infrastructure management, consulting and your cost minimization.

Best practice areas in the cloud

Running and monitoring of systems to deliver business value and to continually improve supporting processes.

  • Preparation - workload design and management
  • Operation - successful operation of the workload
  • Evolution - continuous incremental improvements

Best practice areas in the cloud

Running and monitoring of systems to deliver business value and to continually improve supporting processes.

  • Preparation - workload design and management
  • Operation - successful operation of the workload
  • Evolution - continuous incremental improvements

Don't worry about what can happen late at night - we control everything

Getting access to inexpensive and easily customizable IT infrastructure using AWS development services is not enough. Your project must have at least four important properties: fault tolerance, security, flexibility, and hybridity. Ordering AWS cloud solutions from Andersen, you can be sure your solution will possess each of these qualities.


We design access policies to suit your requirements, limit the ability for fine-tuning to approved machines only, use force encryption, and maintain automatic access logs. Furthermore, with us you get all the benefits of the embedded security (SbD) approach that Amazon provides. In other words, it’s easier for attackers to hack Fort Knox than to gain access to your data.


The architecture we create combines the benefits of Amazon Web Services and local use. You can easily run container, analytic, and database services on your own devices to work with them as with regular desktop applications. Additionally, we can easily extend AWS to any local data center so that your customers can use your cloud services with the smallest possible delay.

Fault tolerance

Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Regions & Availability Zones, etc. - AWS provides a lot of services to build a system to remain functional even if some of the components used to build the system fail.


Flexibility of cloud software development services means more than just automated scaling of applications based on load. By flexibility, we also mean the optimal balance between the speed of work and its quality. Willingness to instantly make changes to the project when it is required for your business are also not empty words to us.

Team of AWS experts

If you need high-end specialists on an urgent basis, we are here to help. Get CVs in no time, choose the best of the best, and our specialists will start working on your project with full responsibility so that you can receive the solution you need as soon as possible.

  • 3days to provide specialists
  • 10days to start
  • 2weeks of free trial

Ivan S.

AWS Certified Solution Architect


Communications, Multimedia, FinTech


Andrei A.

AWS Certified Solution Architect


Technology, Enterprise, Travel, Service Sector, FinTech


Andrey S.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


Sales & Marketing, Logistics, Technology, Multimedia, Information Services, Service Sector

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