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Telecom Software Development Services

We know everything about telecom

For over 12 years, we have been creating telecom solutions for infrastructure management and system integration, helping telecom-focused ISVs, mobile and fixed-line operators, VoIP providers, and broadcasting companies increase the number of clients and reduce network maintenance costs.

Impressive experience

Dozens of remote-reading modules, cloud software for IP telephony, billing systems, custom AF-solutions - these are only some of the products we have created recently

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Certified engineers

Developers with CCNT, CTNS, IPEP, RCDD certificates, CBAP-compliant Business Analysts, and ISTQB QA Specialists ensure the high quality of your products

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Trustworthy solutions

Andersen strives to deliver error-free software. In the unlikely event that you discover any critical or blocking bugs in created applications, we promise to fix them for free.

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Reliable telecom solutions for complicated problems

Creation and configuration of the infrastructure for the telecommunications business include the development of specialized applications and protocols, uniting them into a single software and hardware complex. Andersen solves dozens of such tasks annually, providing customers with the best means to achieve their business goals:

Easy-to-use communication tools

Regardless of whether you need to launch a teleconference between New York and Sydney, ensure reliable voice communication for your users, or create a video conference with hundreds of people, we will provide cloud collaboration solutions that support VoIP, SRTP, multiple languages, and API.

Advanced control

Telecommunication companies can lose up to 20% of profits due to failures in the software and hardware complex. In order to help you avoid this, we create IoT-based systems that monitor network performance 24/7 and automatically generate fault reports.

Improved communication quality

We integrate telecommunications software with Windows/ macOS/Linux-based computers, mobile iOS and Android devices, including phones and tablets. Any solution containing audio and streaming video can be optimized to remain stable regardless of your Internet speed. As a result, clients can use your services anywhere and at any time.

Increased operational security

Like other telecom software companies, we develop software in compliance with International Telecommunication Union standards. Besides, Andersen integrates intrusion detection AI algorithms and such data encryption algorithms as NASH, AES, DES, RSA, El-Gamal into your solutions. Combined with the PCI DSS standard to protect online payments, this ensures complete data security for both you and your users.

According to Morgan Stanley data, over 95% of telecom companies will use AI, ML, and automation software in three years’ time.

Order the development of your software right now to become a leader in your industry

Our telecom software development services

All the telecom solutions we build guarantee added value, increase the efficiency of your work, optimize routine processes, and capture new markets.

Operation support systems (OSS)

  • Server applications for telecommunication networks
  • Software for cross-connect equipment
  • Solutions for PABX
  • Individual SIP clients
  • Network performance management systems
  • Solutions for tamper resistance
  • Software for fault monitoring and correction

Housing property

  • Billing systems
  • CRM
  • Customer self-service portals
  • Software for report generation and data visualization
  • Solutions for predictive analytics
  • Corporate portals for personnel management
  • Systems for automation of sales and lead generation based on Big Data
  • Automatic call distribution systems

Why Andersen

Deep understanding of the industry

Our solutions for mobile operators are compliant with 3GPP standards. Wireless technology software is compliant with IEEE 802.11 standards. When ordering an application for the Future Internet, you can be sure it will be compliant with IETF recommendations.

Transparent processes

A flexible approach to development using the SCRUM methodology ensures that all processes at any stage of the SDLC will be clear to the customer, and making changes to the product will not require a long approval process.

High software performance

Andersen’s engineers with an average experience of more than 7 years have been creating robust and scalable applications that can handle millions of requests per second.

Full range of services

We not only write programs but also explore your market and users before starting development. Thus we can guarantee that we create the best solutions for your business.

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