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Sergey Avdeychik

Director of Healthcare Technologies

Dear Business Partner,
I am delighted to introduce Andersen's Healthcare IT team and guide you through the entire world of digital transformation solutions to assist you in your aspiration to save people's lives and ultimately get your healthcare organization to a leading position in the market of medical services. Your health care practice is in good hands now, so please feel free to send me your request. Best wishes and thank you in advance for reaching out to Andersen!
Sergey Avdeychik - about Healthcare and Medical Software Development

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Healthcare IT Services

Realize the full potential of IT to empower your healthcare business

Technology can optimize delivery of healthcare and drive down costs - while improving patient outcomes. It also plays an increasingly prominent role in R&D and accelerated innovation. Andersen’s mission is to help healthcare businesses become highly efficient at saving and improving people’s lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care with innovative solutions. Discover how Andersen can help your healthcare organization achieve digital transformation with greater speed and impact than you thought possible.

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Why Customers Choose Andersen

Andersen has deep expertise in digitalizing every aspect of the healthcare value chain. Grow your revenue by adding a partner that’s aligned with your success. Leaverage Andersen’s expertise, network, technology, and data-driven insights, and surpass your goals

Expertise in healthcare

For over 13 years, healthcare businesses have been powered by Andersen’s digital solutions. With the help of AI, IoMT, and data-driven applications, Andersen creates a technology foundation for care providers, payers, pharmacies, PBMs and healthcare software vendors in their mission to save lives and nurture health.

Focus on usability

Medical specialization-specific UX and UI expertise. Clean, uncluttered interfaces designed for efficiency. Disability-conscious design for patient-facing systems.


Andersen makes it possible to follow care across different settings, with all of the relevant information you need in easy reach. Seamless integration of custom applications with installed third-party systems, whether it's an EHR, PACS, HIE, or claim management systems.

Improved efficiency

With expert back-office teams and automation, Andersen takes on your administrative work - at speed, at scale, and more efficiently than any one organization possibly could - so you can focus on the higher-value work you went into healthcare to do.

Information security

Andersen guarantees the stability of clinical trial management and EHR systems against digital threats and attacks ensuring an increased level of security and healthcare regulatory compliance (HIPPA, HITECH, SSAE).

Best value for money

Most healthcare software costs more than the price tag suggests - and delivers far less than promised. Andersen is an investment that drives returns.

Something to think about

Speed of program development and its safety are the main criteria when working with Healthcare outsourcing, from the service desk to the support of the new application. And Andersen experts take care of all these.

The Benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) for Healthcare

IoT for diagnostics and monitoring of patients' condition and other applications of the Internet of Things in modern medicine.

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Prospects for Development of TeleMedicine and TeleMedicine IT Solutions

The advantages and benefits of TeleMedicine and the technologies for integrating it

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How COVID-19 Has Influenced Health IT?

Coronavirus-fueled tech trends for healthcare IT companies to follow

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Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Coprotherapy and magic picture

Coprotherapy and magic

Magnifying Glass picture

Magnifying Glass

Roger Bacon constructed the first magnifying glass. The magnifying power of chips of crystal had been known for centuries, but this was the first convex lens designed for scientific purposes. By about 1280, similar lenses would be used to correct farsightedness; now, they are crucial in surgery.

Eyeglasses picture


The earliest known document mentioning concave lenses being used for correcting myopia was a letter from the Duke of Milan to his ambassador in Florence ordering three dozen eyeglasses, including "a dozen that are suitable for near vision, that is for the elderly."

Stethoscope picture


René Laënnec, a French physician, invented the stethoscope, a trumpet-shaped wooden tube, to examine a very fat woman whose heart he could not hear by pressing his ear to her chest.

Brain Waves picture

Brain Waves

Using a galvanometer, the British scientist Richard Caton noted electrical impulses in the brains of animals, laying down the principles that would lead to the development of the electroencephalogram, or EEG.

X-Ray picture


Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German physicist, discovered the X-ray, an invention so remarkable that many did not believe the first reports of its use. The New York Times referred to it mockingly as Dr. Röntgen`s "alleged discovery of how to photograph the invisible."

Electrocardiogram picture


Dr. Willem Einthoven of the Netherlands invented the first practical electrocardiogram. The original weighed 600 pounds, had a water cooling system for its gigantic electromagnets and needed five operators. In 1924 he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his invention.

Electroencephalogram picture


Dr. Hans Berger of Germany recorded the first human electroencephalogram, or EEG. His assertion that the brain electrical impulses could be recorded was generally met with derision, and five years passed before Dr. Berger published his technique for recording the electrical activity of the human brain from the surface of the head.

Magnetic Resonance picture

Magnetic Resonance

The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Felix Bloch and Edward Mills Purcell for their work in developing nuclear magnetic resonance, the principle behind MRI machines.

Fetal Ultrasound picture

Foetal Ultrasound

Dr. Edward Hon of Yale reported using a Doppler monitor on a woman`s abdomen to detect foetal heartbeat. Ultrasound`s principles had been known for more than a century (a Swedish physicist, Christian Andreas Doppler, gave his name to the phenomenon in 1842), but this was its first use in prenatal care.

Commercial Ultrasound picture

Commercial Ultrasound

Walter Erich Krause of the Siemens Corporation filed a patent for the first practical commercial ultrasound machine. According to the patent, his machine could be "used for practical ultra-sonic-optical examination to achieve a lifelike reproduction of the body part under examination".

CT Scanner picture

CT Scanner

The first commercial CT scanner, developed by Dr. Godfrey Hounsfield, was used on a patient in London. Dr. Hounsfield shared the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his invention.

1st EMR picture

First EMR

The first electronic medical record system was developed by the Regenstrief Institute. Although this technology was the first of its kind, due to high costs, the systems were not initially attractive to physicians and used instead by government hospitals and visionary institutions.

M.R.I. picture


Dr. Raymond V. Damadian announced that he had patented a technique using nuclear magnetic resonance to distinguish between normal and cancerous tissue. In 2003, two other researchers won a Nobel Prize for further discoveries.

Medical Wearables picture

Medical Wearables

Polar Electro introduces the first wearable wireless heart rate monitor. By 2006, its successor devices incorporate wireless controls and real-time biosensor feedback features.

Robotic system picture

Robotic System

The first robot to assist in surgery was the Arthrobot, which was developed and used for the first time in Vancouver in 1985. This robot assisted by manipulating and positioning the patient`s leg in response to voice commands.

Home glucose meter picture

Home Glucose Meter

Medisense launches the Exactech home glucose meter. The device incorporates one of the first commercial biosensors and provides digital quantification of glucose levels in the home at a new level of precision.

Imaging Thought picture

Imaging Thought

A paper in the journal Magnetic Resonance Medicine by a group of researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin announced the first use of functional magnetic resonance imaging to detect brain blood flow in conjunction with human mental activity.

Medical Wearables picture

Medical Wearables

Panasonic introduces a compact automatic wrist-cuff blood pressure monitor.

Virtual Reality picture

Virtual Reality

Researchers at Georgia Tech released the first version of the Virtual Vietnam VR scenario for use as a graduated exposure therapy treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with Vietnam veterans.

Human Genome picture

Human Genome

The first draft of the human genome was announced. It was declared complete three years later.

Telesurgery picture


The first telesurgery was performed by by a surgical team in New York, USA using the ZEUS robotic system. This project produced a successful two-hour-long laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which was performed on a female patient at a hospital in Strasbourg, France.

Human Genome picture

Human Genome

The ENCODE Project is completed and confirms humans have approximately 20,000–25,000 genes. The human genome is sequenced to 99.99 percent accuracy, 2 years ahead of schedule.

NeuroArm picture


The first image-guided MR-compatible robotic neurosurgical procedure was performed at the University of Calgary by Dr. Garnette Sutherland using the NeuroArm.

Automated Tissue Pathology Analysis

Automated Tissue Pathology Analysis

HistoRx launches the first commercial automated quantitative tissue pathology analysis software algorithm for cancer assessment.

3D-Printed Body Parts picture

3D-Printed Body Parts

3D printing technology has enabled researchers to print body parts, not just with synthetic materials, but using bioprinting, growing cells from a patient’s stem cells to, for example, print skin to encourage faster burn or wound healing.

Virtual Interactive Presence picture

Virtual Interactive Presence

Introduction of Virtual Interactive Presence (VIP), a novel technology that allows remote neurosurgeons to collaborate with a shared 3D display via high-definition binoculars. This real-time visual system allows the surgeons to view a merged surgical field display of each other’s hand motions.

Watch with and integrated ECG picture

Watch with an Integrated ECG

Apple made headlines with their groundbreaking Apple Series 4 Watch that has an integrated ECG to monitor the wearer`s heart rhythms. Within days of its release, customers were raving about the life-saving technology, which is able to detect potentially dangerous heart conditions much earlier than usual.

3D-printed heart picture

3D-printed heart

Wireless brain sensor - used to aid doctors in measuring the temperature and pressure within the brain. Since the sensors are able to dissolve, they reduce the need for additional surgeries.

Autonomous Drone picture

Autonomous Drone

Drone-delivered medical supply program launched.

future picture

In the post-digital world, differentiation comes from applying the digital in powerful new ways. The technologies needed to innovate and differentiate go beyond the foundational adoption of digital tools and concepts. It’s an era where building trust with customers, employees, business partners and communities through a responsible approach to technology is the top priority for all. Enter the era of Digital Transformation of Healthcare and enjoy the journey with Andersen at your side!

Andersen’s Difference

Over 1300 professionals

Availability of resources,
14 development centres

Project scoring
Over 50 metrics

Wide geography of operation
Offices worldwide

  • We communicate in plain English
  • We listen to your needs and deliver on time every time
  • 13 years of experience in software development
  • Secure infrastructure and stable connection speed
  • Project metrics (50> monthly KPIs)
  • Constant cross-checking and project performance feedback
  • Daily Skype/Slack meetings
  • Possible assignments to the customer’s sitevectors
  • 14-day trial period at no cost in case of problem

Our projects

Millions of people rely on our Medical software development services

Customer reviews

SMB, enterprise, and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen

Communication manager
                                  Laura Stevens

Laura Stevens

Communication manager

Lithuania flag Lithuania


We are very pleased with the professional standards applied to this project by all of your team members. All of the work was timely, right to the budget, and the real proof is the feedback from our employees and clients who use this system every day. We really hope for further partnership with Andersen.

Project summary

A new business level for a medical service provider



Team Size



20 months




Java JavaScript Swift .NET C++
CEO at Emfit
                                  Heikki Räisänen
Heikki Räisänen

CEO at Emfit

Finland flag Finland


We are completely satisfied with having Andersen as a partner. We believe that Andersen is the right outsourcing vendor for our company, which can develop truly effective and innovative solutions that are so crucial for the healthcare industry. Thank you and hope our further cooperation will remain fruitful.

Project summary

IoT solution for monitoring sleep quality and cardiovascular system’s index of activity



Team Size



36 months


50k - 200k USD


JavaScript Ionic Angular Node.JS Gulp PHP Golang MSSQL Cordova
Public Relations Manager
                                  Daniel Gibbs

Daniel Gibbs

Public Relations Manager

USA flag USA


We set a goal to create a highly efficient digital assistant aimed at helping in surgical practice. Obviously, the software for that system was expected to be high profile too. Andersen has not only delivered the software that fully meets the requirements but also helped us in improving the idea by suggesting to implement several additional features and to develop a corresponding mobile app for remote control.

Project summary

Software for a surgery visualization system



Team Size



14 months




C++ .NET Java JavaScript PHP Xamarin
Product manager
                                  Ethan Kelley

Ethan Kelley

Product manager

USA flag USA


We decided to launch such a service in order to help people who fight with severe diseases find medical cannabis, as well as nearby dispensaries, vape accessory shops, and doctors easily, with the help of a functional and user-friendly web and mobile applications. And we managed to achieve our goal with the help of a software team from Andersen. The developers conducted diligent work to make the services even more convenient.

Project summary

A platform aimed at finding legal cannabis for medical purposes



Team Size



8 months


50k - 200k USD


PHP Android SDK RxtJava Retrofit2 Realm Swift

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