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Mobile healthcare applications

Mobile Apps for Patients

We build mobile apps for chronic condition self-management, regular self check-ups, fitness, mental health, medication management etc.

Mobile Apps for Doctors

Our apps for doctors cover telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, professional networking, appointment scheduling, e-prescribing and more.

Mobile Apps for Medical Facilities

We develop shift scheduling and laboratory management apps, and mobile healthcare CRMs.

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Benefits of our mobile healthcare applications

Real-time access to patients' data

Take advantage of mobile healthcare applications for clinical teams to easily assess patient status without the need to be physically present in the same room at all times.

Effective chronic disease management

Use our mobile healthcare software to reduce hospitalizations and readmissions, as it allows providers to observe a patient’s vitals and other health data outside of hospital settings.

EHR/EMR integration

We integrate our mobile healthcare applications with Electronic Health Records, which makes patients' medical data available to care providers at all times.

Timely intervention

Explore the benefits of our AI-powered mobile healthcare applications to easily identify changes in patients’ health faster and provide proactive intervention while reducing alert fatigue.

Decreased staff workload

Allow your clinical staff members to assess patients' conditions remotely, with less time spent walking between beds on a large ward, or covering several different wards on their rounds.

Smart utilization of medical resources

Discover how our mobile healthcare applications help reduce admission rates and hospital stays for patients with chronic conditions, while utilizing medical resources in an effective way.

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Healthcare software solutions can optimize delivery of care and drive down costs - while improving patient outcomes. Healthcare software plays an increasingly prominent role in R&D and accelerated innovation. Andersen’s mission is to help healthcare stakeholders become highly efficient at saving and improving people’s lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care with innovative solutions. Discover how our healthcare software solutions can help your organization achieve digital transformation with greater speed and impact than you thought possible.

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