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End-to-end IT Security management services

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Corporate security and network protection are assurance of your data confidentiality and integrity

Impressive experience

For 13 years, we have been implementing comprehensive risk management strategies for Fintech companies, leaders in retail, healthcare, and other industries

50+ successful projects

Expert staff

We hire high-skilled developers with extensive knowledge of modern cybersecurity technologies and deep understanding of OWASP Penetration Testing Methodology.

20+ Security specialists

Total vulnerability control

Regular network scans, constant analysis of potential internal and external threats can eliminate weaknesses in your infrastructure within minutes

24/7 security monitoring

Business protection begins with business understanding

Thanks to the development of Machine-to-Machine communications, the concept of BYOD, and the Internet of things, data productivity has grown significantly. However, each of these digital world properties has a set of cyber vulnerabilities.

We implement a risk management strategy, striking a balance between the effectiveness of our customers’ work and their need for security.

Testing the IT infrastructure perimeters

  • Collection of information on the external infrastructure of the Company
  • Search for used technologies and prioritization of external IT assets by an attacker
  • Identify vulnerabilities and configuration flaws on the most critical assets
  • Selective exploitation of vulnerabilities and configuration flaws for vulnerability verification
  • Assessment of the possibility of advancing inside the corporate network based on compromised assets
  • Assessing the possibility of compromising sensitive data based on the implemented attack vectors
  • Development of a map for implementing attack vectors based on successful penetration vectors
  • Development of a plan of necessary IS measures based on the identified shortcomings
  • Development of a report and the formation of recommendations to increase the level of security

Identification of risks based on public information

  • Search for disclosed technologies and software versions
  • Identification of public services and assessment of their criticality
  • Search for disclosed contacts of employees and other data that can be used during a phishing attack
  • Identification of information leaks (including source codes of developed products, etc.)
  • Search for compromised accounts
  • Analysis of activity in social networks
  • Darknet monitoring for the presence of confidential information
  • Development of a report and the formation of recommendations to increase the level of security
  • Identification of deficiencies in IS settings on detected services, as well as the presence of public vulnerabilities in passive mode

Web Application Security Testing

  • Testing application business logic in a security context
  • Security analysis of web server IT component and verification of settings
  • Application Information Collection
  • Testing parameter processing functions
  • Testing Web Access Control and AAA mechanisms
  • Source Code Vulnerability Analysis
  • Development of a report and formation of recommendations for improving the security level of a web application

Security Analysis of Remote Access Infrastructure

  • Testing the security of IT infrastructure components
  • Communication channel security testing
  • User device security testing / BYOD security testing
  • Analysis of the overall remote access architecture
  • Test employee awareness through phishing

The methodologies we use

Our experts use Black Box Testing, Grey Box Testing and White Box Testing to test a system for safety

Black Box Testing scheme

Black Box Testing

Testing an information system or infrastructure from an external perimeter with the least possible information about the system. We imitate an attacker.

Grey Box Testing scheme

Grey Box Testing

Testing an information system or infrastructure from the internal perimeter or having basic (roles in the system / supplier, user, partner, client) privileges in the system.

White Box Testing scheme

White Box Testing

Testing the information system having key information about the information system and infrastructure, including the source code for the software. Analysis of source code for vulnerabilities.

Company of experts

Our certificates

To test knowledge, confirm their qualifications and professional skills, our experts receive the following certificates in the field of security of information systems

Information |
Systems Security
Systems Security
Certified Practitioner
Data Protection
Under GDPR - Data
Privacy Professional
Offensive Security
Offensive Security
Web Expert

Why Andersen

Andersen is a large company engaged in IT risk management and network security consulting. Using the principles of transparency, rapidity, relevance, and professionalism, we will strengthen your market position by turning potential threats to your business into its competitive advantages.


Our team’s security improvement work is completely transparent to customers. Working with Andersen, you always know which part of your infrastructure is being worked on, and you can be sure that it will not affect the key processes of your business.


We begin work on most projects in the field of information security within two weeks of the customer contacting us. And you can get the first results within one week of the start of development, especially when it comes to critical vulnerabilities.


We provide only the services your business really needs. If the situation changes, we expand or narrow the package of services individually for each customer. In all cases, you pay exclusively for what benefits you.


Andersen constantly ensures our information security teams are highly skilled. You can be sure that your challenges will be solved by specialists with at least five years of experience, as well as engineers certified by CISSP and OWASP.