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The Cloud migration services company Andersen extensively works with all the leading Clouds and will provide you with a perfect match for your project.

Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Advanced Cloud Logging of Key Indicators

Having a backup in the Cloud can restore your work and progress that has been compromised due to failures of any kind. Safety backups and logging are crucial as they provide an overview of which app or system goes wrong in the event of a failure.

Advanced Cloud Security

As a top-rated Cloud migration company, we view security as a major concern at the delivery stage. In order to address it, our Cloud Migration Consulting Services experts assume full responsibility for your security and help you keep hackers off your data and apps.

Boosted Cloud App Performance

DevOps becomes easier with Cloud-based solutions. After your successful Cloud migration, your apps will be more clearly structured, with the need to configure servers and install the necessary OS eliminated. You will speed up the process of setting up servers and resources.

Cloud Infrastructure Simplified

Cloud computing reduces the difficulty associated with setting up your infrastructure and networks. It all becomes a matter of simply meeting the necessary requirements and specifications and running the necessary processes. This saves valuable operating hours.

Effective Cloud Monitoring

After a successful Cloud Migration process, you will be able to monitor security issues or system downtime cases more proactively. As a result, you will be in the right position to focus on each component or app separately via centralized monitoring frameworks.

Higher ROIs

Reliable Cloud Migration Services will ensure greater scalability. This will allow you to increase or decrease the usage of your Cloud services based on your actual needs. Thus, you can save on your initial investment, spread out costs, and prevent outages.

Cloud Migration examples

Here you can see a selection of projects carried out by our Cloud migration services company.

Cloud Migration experts

Choose a specialist for your project so that all your requirements can be met.

Andersen's expertise and IT talent make the most complex Migration projects possible. Contact our Cloud Migration team.

Ivan Sorokin, Head of the Cloud Counting Department
Ivan Sorokin

Reasons to choose Andersen for Cloud Migration

As a trusted Cloud migration company, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end scope.

Database Migration

Database Migration with our team is a way to transfer your data from a single or multiple sources to one or several databases. We will make sure that your data is transferred safely and in full, without losses, and with any needed restructuring.

Data Transfer Appliance

Data Transfer Appliance is a way to quickly migrate enormous amounts of data between your premises and the Cloud. By collaborating with our team and using high-capacity storage devices, you can copy and upload data much faster.

Disaster Recovery

Backing up your corporate data with our Cloud migration company will keep you fully prepared to overcome almost any emergencies, ensuring seamless business continuity within a resilient Disaster Recovery framework.

Data Transfer

Andersen is a trusted IT partner in every aspect of Data Transfer and Cloud Migration Services. Reach out to us so that we can join your project and help you simplify and significantly accelerate secure data migrations between on-premises and various Clouds of your choice.

Migration Tracking

Migration Trackers keep records of migration processes. Andersen will collect server and app inventory data for ongoing monitoring and further assessment and planning. This will also help you boost app modernization after migration.

Server Migration

Andersen's team is ready to help you with migrating your servers and machines. As a result, your workloads and apps will migrate from on-premises, VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon, and other Clouds in full and with minimal downtime.



Andersen is a reliable Cloud migration firm for numerous businesses all over the world. Here is the feedback they share.

Over 1,000 successful projects in various industries and segments

Andersen's IT experts are experienced in various sectors, and we always take the unique requirements of each business into account, which makes the effect of our custom development services irreplaceable.

Industry recognition

Andersen will perform Cloud Migration and all other related or unrelated services at the highest level of quality, as proven by the testimonials from our customers and all kinds of awards and recognitions.

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