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An Internal Tool for a Travel Company to Manage Vouchers

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Gert Becker

Gert Becker

PR Manager

"Andersen's engineers won our confidence with their clean code and transparency"

An Internal Tool for a Travel Company to Manage Vouchers

About the client

FTI Group is the fourth-largest travel operator in Europe. The group is broadly represented by various brands and subsidiaries. With over 11,000 employees worldwide, FTI Group operates in six source markets and offers holiday packages in more than 120 countries.

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About the project

This partnership, which lasted for two years, relied on our teamwork to improve and streamline FTI Group's websites, introduce a voucher management system and checker, and redesign various modules of the official website. Andersen's team also conducted thorough UX research to enhance the user experience of the cross-platform mobile app. As part of the project, we developed an internal tool for FTI Group to manage their vouchers with ease and efficiency.

The results of the project spoke for themselves. PR Manager at FTI Group Gert Becker was full of praise for Andersen's contribution to the resulting voucher management software. He noted that the clean code, business-friendly ideas, and transparency of our engineers' work won their confidence, leading to the partnership extending to four subprojects in the travel industry. FTI Group entrusted Andersen with tasks of various complexity levels.

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FTI GROUP's voucher management dashboards

Application functionality

  • An extensive database of all the company's vouchers with a unified and simplified workflow for their operational processing and management;
  • An extension for using vouchers, their blocking, redemption, and filtering;
  • An embedded plugin on the existing website for detailed management;
  • Implementing techniques like lazy loading, code splitting, caching, and Server-Side Rendering for performance optimization;
  • Ensuring compatibility across different browsers and their various versions;
  • Integrating with analytics tools to track user interactions and app performance.



In addition to the development of the digital voucher management system, our engineering team also created a separate website for internal use to make tracking issues and usage of vouchers easier and more efficient. The internal website contains all the information about them, stemming from all four company platforms, which allows managers to save time on tracking cost write-offs, choice of hotels and air tickets, etc.


Andersen implemented one project from scratch that brought positive business results and helped to implement four other subprojects. The well-optimized tools and applications helped the customer focus on their crucial goals, attract more users, and reduce costs by optimizing their technical processes.

  • A unified and simplified workflow devised for operational processing and management of vouchers, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings;
  • A dedicated internal website implemented for tracking the use of vouchers, allowing managers to save time and make more informed decisions;
  • Website traffic increased through the development of a voucher management checker and redesign of several modules of the official website;
  • UX research conducted, which helped to refine the cross-platform mobile app and create a more user-friendly experience for clients.

Customer review


Gert Becker

PR Manager


Review verified by clutch and matches the customer’s words

Establishing this partnership, we planned to give Andersen a try and pass them the development of one subproject to see their performance. The work was done well enough, so we gave these guys another task. And thus, step by step, Andersen’s engineers won our confidence with their clean code, business-friendly ideas, and full transparency. Our cooperation extended to the work on four subprojects in the travel industry, and we are ready to entrust them with a task of any complexity.

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