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Our Java expertise for your business solutions

Impressive experience

Andersen’s Java engineers implement dozens of secure and high-performance solutions annually, which make our customers' businesses truly efficient

70+ delivered projects

High-qualified specialists

Many developers in our company are certified by Oracle, Google, and Amazon, master front-end technologies and tools for cross-platform development

35+ Java developers

Successful solutions

Every year we work on projects for companies included in the Fortune 500 list, as well as for leaders of such industries as FinTech, eCommerce, and Healthcare

12+ years of experience with Java

Outsource Java development

In order to satisfy the business needs of our customers, we not only provide services of high quality but also provide them fast. Therefore, we always make sure that you receive CVs of Java engineers, who have substantial expertise in developing scalable, portable, and secure apps, in less than no time.

3 days to provide developers
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Our Java development services

Using the advantages of Java such as stability, flexibility, and cross-platform features, we provide Java software development services for those who need reliable solutions with high fault tolerance.

Enterprise Java development

Order a customized corporate solution to automate routine processes and open up new opportunities for financial growth. Modern BRM and BPM applications, powerful computing systems, software for end-to-end analytics - all these will allow you to be head and shoulders above your competitors.

Java Mobile development

Developing applications for mobile devices using offshore Java development services is the cheapest way to get a ready-made solution for your business. It doesn't matter if you need an Android application or a cross-platform one - the engineers of our Java development company will write code that is ready to work with any operating system, including iOS, Linux, and Windows.

Java Cloud development

Outsource Java development to build a flexible and highly customizable application that can be used in any place where the internet is accessible. No matter which cloud we host your Java software on, you don’t have to worry about its security. When your business grows, you can scale the application with just a few clicks.

Java consulting

Architecture and design development, road-mapping for Java applications, performance optimization - these are just some of our Java consulting services. Cooperating with us you can be sure that your software will be efficient and effective and will generate maximum profits for your business.

Know the real price of the project

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You don’t have to read tea leaves in order to find out the approximate cost of your future team. Just specify the number of developers you need and get an instant estimate on the price of your project



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      Add top-notch front-end engineers to Java developers that will satisfy your project needs.


      Be sure of 100% quality

      We aim to provide high quality at every stage of development so that you get a product you can be proud of

      Requirements gathering

      • From initial negotiations to 1 prototype to 1 contract
      • Scope of work is 100% defined


      • Expertise mapping, roadmap development, SRS creation
      • 100% requirements are described


      • Architecture creation, UI / UX prototyping
      • Product structure is defined


      • Pull Request Analysis with SonarQube, Code cross review by developers
      • Code is 100% valid
      • Code quality is under full control


      • Functionality, UX, Performance, and Security testing
      • 100% of functionality covered with manual tests
      • Up to 70% of code coverage with test automation


      • Autodeploy, E2E autotests, daily search for syntax and logical errors
      • 10X lower failure rates

      Our satisfied clients

      SMB, enterprise and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen.

      Review author - Luis Urcia

      Luis Urcia

      Regional Business Delivery manager at Technaura Systems GmbH

      We requested Andersen to provide us with developers who can transfer the platform to modern technology and help our team with the extension of the functionality. IT-specialists offered by the company successfully coped with all tasks. Also, special thanks for the development of the calculators which are the key features of the platform.

      Review author - Jouni Stam

      Jouni Stam

      CTO Yonoton

      The company made a great first impression with the business analyst who gathered requirements, measured the scope, and asked about our other needs. The project manager and other team members kept us informed about the schedule and progress and made sure that everything was going according to our expectations. Andersen stands out where it comes to communication and planning.

      Review author - Åsgeir Helland

      Åsgeir Helland

      CEO and Co-founder at Tooler AS

      Some time ago we worked with Andersen on the development of our rental store website, and since the results were quite satisfactory, we applied to this company again to developed the admin part. We like the way Andersen’s specialists work and the importance they give to the requirements. If we need some other software solution in the future, we will contact this company.

      Review author - Anniina Sääskilahti

      Anniina Sääskilahti

      CEO at Optima Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy

      Having worked with Andersen for a few months, I can say that I’ve never come across more motivated and experienced IT-specialists. They have the skills and knowledge to run project development effectively. Working on our current project, we were short for Go developers, and Andersen provided us with top-notch specialists. Their contribution to the project is invaluable. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Andersen.

      Review author - Karey Patterson

      Karey Patterson

      Chairman and Managing Director at eReserve

      We work with multiple vendors, and Andersen became the fourth software company we hired. Now their PHP team is the first in amount of engineers and performance. Moreover, Andersen helped us to configure infrastructure and model of cooperation in a way to make all the vendors work a single standard. And now we are able to measure the work of all developers from our vendors.

      A client Jonathan Bibas - about Andersen software development company

      Jonathan Bibas

      Co-Founder Ellis-Car - The Data Driven Company