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Data Science & Big Data: Consulting and Development Services

We drive your business efficiency and performance with the power of data


We help businesses grow since 2008, optimizing key processes and asset management with big data

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With a solid track record of 674+ finished projects, we can find a solution to the most complex case

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Andersen experts help make data-driven decisions and deliver customer-centric experience accordingly

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Scoring, Personalization and Feedback analysis of Your Customers

Andersen’s experts turn data into value. When it comes to raising the bar of your customer satisfaction, we will help you understand your audience, anticipate their needs and act on them in real time. This will allow you to create a better product or service, bringing in more loyal customers and, eventually, sustainable revenue flows.

Design a recommendation engine

We can design a recommendation engine to increase the sales with ML algorithms and collaborative or content-based filtering. Our experts applying machine learning models such as FAISS, NMSLIB for similarity search. Your customers shall be happier with relevant product offers, personalized web-page content and promo offers.

Build and opportunity or threat scoring

We can build and opportunity or threat scoring for customers and products, so your sales team can design and optimize business strategy accordingly their efforts priority. Our experts perform cutting edge resampling algorithms (SMOTE & Tomek links, ADASYN) to handle imbalanced data, when outcomes of interest are very rare. Also, we use modern unsupervised learning algorithms such as HDBSCAN for automated clustering and segmentation.

Create a model

Besides, we can create a model to make your communication with customers stellar. Trained to detect attitude markers and recognize your customers’ mood, the model will signal your sales team if a particular customer experiences negative emotions. Also using Gradient Boosting techniques we can extract the most influent features for these changes.

That is exactly what we’re doing:

  • Automated customer/product segmentation and scoring
  • Recommender systems and personalization
  • Behavioral pattern analysis and recognition
  • Improve Engagement with impacts analysis
  • Feedback and reviews sentiment scoring and text similarity detection
  • Smart survey result processing

Time series & Metrics analysis for Your business

Our data scientists can apply ARIMA model, Prophet forecasting tool and Recurrent or LSTM Neural Networks to predict future metric values based on previous observations. Time series analysis comprises methods for analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics of the data. Our data analysts also can build insightful custom metrics for your business.

That is exactly what we’re doing:

  • Deeper data insights and automated financial analysis
  • Predictive analytics and time-series forecasting
  • Smart trends and anomaly detection
  • ROI, LTV, retention and churn analytical modelling
  • Creation of goal-oriented impactful customized metrics
  • A/B testing

Human related tasks automation

Our data scientists can build and fine-tune deep neural networks or apply ML algorithms to automate human related repetitive tasks in your company. We use cloud solutions such as Google AI, AWS ML & DL Services and Yandex AI API to decrease staff costs.

That is exactly what we’re doing:

  • Intelligent automation
  • Voice assistants, chat bots and conversational interfaces
  • Automated recruitment
  • Smart portfolio management
  • Real-time decision making in trading, insurance and healthcare
  • Data-driven dynamic pricing, cost optimization and supply planning


With our data engineers on board, you can create centralized, scalable fault-tolerant Data Lake, which will be integrated into your infrastructure. We`ll clean the data and help to create ETL pipelines and streams that store your information in a Data Warehouse. Our data scientists and analysts are able to create AI-models for Your business needs. Results of modelling and forecasting our business intelligence experts will transform in well-structured visualization which will help your decision-makers to comprehend business-critical information.

Cloud Platforms

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Yandex Cloud

Libraries & Frameworks

  • TensorFlow, Keras
  • NLTK, Gensim, SpaCy, DeepPavlov
  • CatBoost, XGBoost, LightGBM
  • Scikit-Learn, SciPy, SimPy

Databases & DWH

  • BigQuery, Athena, Redshift, ClickHouse
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
  • MongoDB, DocumentDB, BigTable
  • Redis, Memorystore, ElastiCache


  • Google Cloud Storage
  • AWS S3
  • Yandex Object Storage
  • Hadoop HDFS

API for models

  • Google AI Platform Models
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • Google Cloud Run
  • AWS Lambda
  • Yandex Cloud Functions
  • OpenFAAS (AIOHTTP, Flask)