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Custom PACS & DICOM software

DICOM Viewer Development

Advanced programming tools for up-to-date DICOM viewer development with customized image processing features.

DICOM Integration Solutions

Custom DICOM integration solutions designed for different imaging modalities, including MRI, X-ray, CT, PET, ultrasound, endoscopy, angiography etc.

DICOM Web Programming

DICOM web services & HL7 interface engines for accessing medical images & data remotely via mobile & browser-based apps.

PACS Server Software Development

Modular, user-friendly, and highly scalable PACS server software designed to work as a central repository for DICOM images.

PACS Implementation Services

PACS architecture development and implemenetation for advanced imaging (including MRI, X-ray, CT, PET, ultrasound etc.) management.

Second Opinion Teleradiology Solutions

Effective exchange of DICOM files for secure and transparent review of all imaging modalities including ultrasound, with customizable report forms.

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Benefits of custom PACS & DICOM software

Improved access to DICOM

Our cloud-based PACS solutions provide flexibility to doctors who need access to medical records that are stored outside of their hospital’s network, for timely and more effective care.

Effective DICOM management

We provide PACS and DICOM solutions for more organized and convenient management of medical images, and ensure patient data can be reached through a single point of access.

Easy DICOM storage

We offer extended services for PACS servers and database architectures for the optimal transmission and storage of medical images and related data.

Accuracy of diagnosis

Our second opinion imaging solutions improve the diagnostic abilities of radiologists, pathologists, and oncologists, and ensure effective cooperation in the diagnostic process.

Better patient outcomes

Our AI-augmented DICOM analysis software and coordinated teleradiology solutions contribute to better diagnostics and more effective treatment.

Cost savings

We build customized PACS and DICOM software that provides a space advantage over the traditional film archives and is significantly less expensive.

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