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Custom mental health digital solutions

Mental Health EHR Software

EHRs for clinical workflow management with specialty templates, dedicated coding, billing and prescription drug monitoring program integration.

Mental Health Digital Patient Tools

Patient portals and applications for daily guided self-care routines, tracking mood and emotions and consistently keeping well-being journals.

Specialized Telehealth Services

HIPAA/GDPR-compliant software solutions for behavioral specialists, therapists, psychologists and other mental health professionals.

Mental Health Platforms

Digital patient platforms connecting visitor to mental health provider with peer-to-peer communication and group therapy functionality.

Mobile Mental Health Apps

Development of dedicated smartphone applications for ecological momentary assessment, money monitoring, alcohol consumption control and more.

Healthcare AI Chatbots

Dedicated AI chatbots for mental health support, online counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Benefits of our mental health digital solutions

Better patient self-control

Take advantage of our mental health digital tools for patients for increased self-esteem, greater awareness and control of depression symptoms, bipolar disorder etc.

Increased mental well-being

Our mental health professional-guided peer-to-peer communication solutions are aimed at increasing patients' everyday confidence and mental well-being.

Mental health EHR integration

Leverage the integration of specialized EHRs with remote patient monitoring tools and drug databases for safe prescription of controlled substances and more.

Timely intervention

Benefit from our AI-powered chatbots for mental health, mobile apps for real-life communication assessment combined with telecare solutions for timely intervention in critical situations.

Decreased staff workload

Allow your clinical staff members to assess patients' mental health remotely, with less time spent walking between beds on a large ward, or covering several different wards on their rounds.

Milder COVID-19 effects

Use our mental health digital tools to combat the detrimental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of patients.

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