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Health information security and compliance solutions

Automated Software Audit with Specialized Tools

We discover vulnerabilities in your healthcare app and provide a detailed report on any issues found, as well as recommendations for fixing them.

Healthcare Security Culture Establishment

We check your software projects for compliance with HIPAA-HITECH and GDPR requirements, violation of which can result in serious penalties.

Complete Project Security Audit

Our experts thoroughly check healthcare systems for vulnerabilities and potential risks to PHI, analyzing architecture and infrastructure.

Healthcare Security Incident Solutions

After analyzing reports, we identify the cause of the hack, help your system recover, and protect the software against such issues in the future.

Healthcare Security Maintenance

We keep security and compliance paramount on all development projects, constantly enforcing employes’ adherence to essential regulations.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Training

Our security engineers define basic requirements for security, present these requirements to your employees, and can conduct their training.

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Challenges we solve

Security concerns

We provide health information security and compliance solutions to help implement security controls that are effective and targeted at a customer’s specific needs.

Unclear healthcare protocols

Our health information security and compliance solutions help overcome operational confusion and disorganization in the constantly changing regulatory environment.

Unusable HIPAA Security Toolkit

We help to effectively implement the HIPAA Security Toolkit, developed by NIST and incomprehensible to most organizations, and assess those implementations.

Unnecessary costs

Our solutions are designed to save costs where adherence to HIPAA compliance and regulations may cause excessive investments that may not bring any value to your organization.

Insecure medical data sharing

With healthcare becoming more patient-centric, we make sure that medical data, which is now actively shared with patients, remains under the organization’s control.

Lack of accountability

Our security and compliance solutions ensure that your healthcare organization is directed towards the achievement of efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness, and transparency.

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Healthcare software solutions can optimize delivery of care and drive down costs - while improving patient outcomes. Healthcare software plays an increasingly prominent role in R&D and accelerated innovation. Andersen’s mission is to help healthcare stakeholders become highly efficient at saving and improving people’s lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care with innovative solutions. Discover how our healthcare software solutions can help your organization achieve digital transformation with greater speed and impact than you thought possible.

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