Fully Custom TeleMedicine Solutions

Fully Custom TeleMedicine Solutions

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Whether you are a healthcare organization, virtual health company, or any other business looking to create a custom TeleHealth app, our TeleMedicine App Development Services are designed to meet your specific requirements. With accessibility and security in mind, we have accumulated our best practices in TeleMedicine App Development to be able to create affordable and scalable solutions that can be fully customized to your exact specifications. Andersen offers a convenient and cost-effective way to implement a custom TeleMedicine app to satisfy the needs of your business.

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How we build our TeleHealth apps

Custom TeleMedicine apps developed by our company come with such basic features as live video calling, messaging, user appointment scheduling, online payment, appointment reminders, etc. Depending on your business needs, our TeleMedicine solutions can be tailored with optional extensions, including additional features, language settings, and branding customizations, as well as integration with your existing software.

Andersen's custom TeleHealth apps offer innovative and progressive features that exceed expectations, even at a basic level.

In order to build an advanced solution, a vendor developing a TeleMedicine app needs to carefully examine the market landscape, current demands, and all applicable trends. In line with this, to create TeleMedicine apps at scale, we assess both the best industry standards and our extensive portfolio of projects related to TeleHealth App Development.

Andersen's TeleMedicine applications can include any of the features from the list below or any custom features that the customer may require:

  • Bi-directional communication options covering healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers;
  • Compatibility with devices of different types, including smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets;
  • Healthcare professional profile that contains the provider's credentials, areas of medical expertise, track record, and availability;
  • Patient history with protected access, encompassing the patient's condition, detailed medical profile, test records, and all past prescriptions;
  • Appointment management capability, including the ability to export appointments to the calendars users prefer and delegate access management rights to other authorized staff members;
  • TeleConsultations to share the patient's conditions in a secure way;
  • Secure voice and video call feature;
  • Capability to generate prescriptions that meet the legal standards and are available for GPs and patients;
  • Interoperability with other healthcare facilities, ensuring the secure and confidential exchange of sensitive healthcare information;
  • SMS/email notifications concerning medications and lab tests to be performed in the future;
  • Capability to present the results of a consultation – structured or not – in text, image, or other formats;
  • Symptom checker to define the patient's symptoms and answer questions concerning their current general condition;
  • Ability to suggest a list of preliminary possible diagnoses (intended for clinical staff);
  • Integrations with IoT devices, which helps clinicians monitor the digital biomarkers (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality, physical activity, glucose levels, etc.);
  • Recording vital signs of the patient (blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, ECG, etc.);
  • Capability to identify out-of-range measurements and send applicable alerts;
  • Direct collections of readings (by asynchronous measurements or in real-time) via specific devices, like pulse oximeters, BP monitoring devices, pedometers, etc.;
  • Independent notifications and an alert system for healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers;
  • Notifications for varying severity levels;
  • Service for video conferencing between professionals and/or patients with the option to record videos and take photos;
  • Ability to chat in real-time;
  • Medicine tracker with a customizable calendar that sends push notifications to remind patients to take their medicines, as well as to notify them of upcoming appointments, successful transactions, and incoming messages and promote other services.
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Andersen's custom TeleHealth apps are successfully used by different organizations across the globe:

  • Healthcare providers with various clinical specialties;
  • Caregivers for elderly or disabled individuals;
  • Health insurance companies and agencies;
  • Virtual care companies;
  • Other businesses looking to implement a comprehensive custom TeleMedicine solution at a reasonable cost.
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Prescription screen for web version of app
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Product delivery roadmap

In order to create an efficient and highly-usable TeleMed solution, we follow the best industry practices and highest applicable standards.

Product demo

Discussing your requirements and the potential of our solutions in your unique case to understand how our TeleHealth Development Services can better help you achieve your goals.

Business and system analysis

Meeting your unique requirements regarding the basic and advanced functionality available with our solutions and defining the TeleMedicine mobile app development roadmap.

App design, implementation, and integration

Assembling a skilled TeleHealth app development team that follows all effective Agile delivery principles to tailor the solution exactly to your needs.

MVP launch

An MVP of your custom TeleMedicine app goes live, on time, in full, and within budget, as well as with the option to have further upgrades and maintenance provided by our team.

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