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In this business case, we upgraded a laundry payment software solution with remote control functionalities for Greenwald, an American business established in 1954. With a long track record of payment technologies, they have set a high bar of software quality standards. The customer's key achievement is that they are among those companies that have played a role in the growth of the coin-operated laundry industry. Now, the business is making an important contribution in the transition to newer mobile-based payment practices.

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Business Context

Greenwald has been maintaining lasting, strategic, and successful partnerships with Alliance, Whirlpool, and other leading commercial laundry equipment producers for decades. Recently, they decided to take one more step towards mobile-first usage patterns and ordered a laundry equipment management and payment solution.


Andersen was approached by a US-based company owning a mobile laundry equipment management and payment solution that enables end-users to directly interact with laundry equipment – i.e. both washers and dryers – by means of a convenient UI. Via this mobile solution, clients can make payments, start machines, and check the status of currently running machines.

The app also offers a number of client support features. Andersen was entrusted with tech maintenance of the existing app and the development of new features for it.

Project overview

What made this IT project particularly challenging was that we were requested to take care of not only the individual end-users but also the app admins. The admins needed to be able to remotely set machine configurations, update device-specific firmware, and collect data from devices. It was our task to ensure all this.

Speaking about individual end-users of this laundry equipment management and laundry payment solution, many of them are not likely to be tech-savvy or willing to invest much time in trying to understand a new function. Hence simplicity was prioritized, together with reliable and intensive data flows.

Duration36 months
Mobile application
Mobile application

App functionality

Among the laundry equipment control and laundry pay app functionalities and capabilities our team has delivered, we can name:

  • Offline mode for Bluetooth laundry payments and connection;
  • Upgraded Bluetooth connection channel and machine administration functionalities (i.e. firmware updates);
  • Improvements concerning various login, logout, and registration issues;
  • Remote tracking of running washers and dryers;
  • Pause-and-continue controls;
  • Payments (integration of PayPal and credit cards);
  • QR scanning;
  • Notification management.


As has already been stressed, our team was engaged in both supporting the current laundry management apps and developing new features. For instance, for the iOS app, we initiated a transition to a single code base by code refactoring from Objective-C to Swift. The code bases were merged successfully. As of now, the team is stabilizing the resulting apps. These stabilization efforts have resulted in increased robustness and speed of the application, which in turn has elicited positive reviews.

Project results

While working on this laundry equipment payment app project with remote control functionalities, we have done the following:

  • Successfully accomplished a shift to a standardized code base for the iOS app and carried out a range of code refactoring activities;
  • Laid the groundwork for the important improvement of adding a disconnected mode – i.e. the capability to use the app with no Internet connection;
  • Made the mobile payment laundry app more stable.

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