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A Media Web App for Vehicles

About the client

Andersen was approached by a well-established European company with a focus on providing custom tech services for automotive manufacturers. The project on their agenda was to provide high-quality assistance for their industry-specific development initiative aimed at creating a web app MVP.

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About the project

Andersen was requested to help with engineering a web-based app for cars. Its main purpose was to manage various audio and video devices streaming content from different media sources. This automotive-focused project was expected to give drivers the best possible UX while securing the mandated level of privacy and safety.

Duration6 months


Prometheus, Grafana

Business Context

The reason why our company was contracted to join the initiative was twofold. First, the customer needed to build an MVP quickly. Second, a pool of ready-to-work IT specialists was sought after. These specialists needed to be knowledgeable enough in the automotive domain to deliver the ordered results swiftly. Owing to our expertise, we were the obvious choice.


The customer's major expectation was to cover their skill gap with well-prepared human resources. Andersen was extremely quick to assemble a team with relevant credentials and expertise.

App functionality

The requested media web app was asked to meet the following criteria:

  • Capable of loading and playing content seamlessly;
  • Easily controllable in a car;
  • Compatible with the entire range of devices.


Andersen delivered the following results:

  • Assembled a team of hand-picked Senior software developers with the best-matching skills;
  • Ensured quick staff onboarding and involvement;
  • Accomplished MVP development activities on time and within budget.

Project results

The MVP, belonging to the range of the finest custom web app design examples, was fully ready for presentation during the CES 2024.

Additional info

Thanks to our commitment and high-quality deliverables, the customer decided to continue our cooperation to extend and upgrade the MVP.

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