About the client

Andersen's customer was a Canadian company requiring a TeleCare platform for patient onboarding and communication with physicians, nurse practitioners, and associated healthcare professionals. Their end-users needed access to various medical devices that enrich TeleMedicine consultations.

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Project overview

The Canadian company approached Andersen for developing a Telecare platform for easy patient onboarding and communication with physicians, nurse practitioners, and allied healthcare professionals. The customer has an agreement with a network of pharmacies which serve as points where patients can have access to various medical devices to enrich telemedicine consultation with vital signs measurement and other digital check-ups data. Key requirements: smart and convinient scheduler, AI-based triage questionnaire for patients, integration of the system with vital signs monitors, possibility to acquire and process digital stethoscope data, otoscope and medical camera’s images and videos.

duration8 months for an MVP
.NET 5


Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS


C#, .NET 5, CSS, Asp Web API Core, API Gateway, AWS SDK, AutoMapper, FluentValidation, Entity Framework, Refit, CorrelationId, Serilog, xUnit, Bogus(Faker), Amazon Aurora, AWS S3, ElasticSearch for logs, SQS, SNS


Swift, Kotlin

Screen view during a video teleconsultation
Screen view during a video teleconsultation

App functionality

  • Advanced scheduler for patients and providers with automated and customizable email / text appointment notifications and reminders
  • AI-based triage system that suggests redirecting emergency cases to 911
  • High quality video calling & conferencing (including group calls)
  • Support of medical providers with diagnosis and clinical decision
  • Improved accessibility for visually impaired and senior users
  • Integrated billing / Insurance processing
  • Multi-language (English, French) solution
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Rating system for care quality. Providers' ratings
  • Embedded e-prescribing module
  • Automatic speech-to-text recognition for patients with speech impairments

Project results

The advanced features of the tool, such as the scheduler, AI-based triage system, high-quality video conferencing, and integration with payment systems, have revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered in Canada. The tool's ability to integrate with distant check-up medical devices and process digital stethoscope, otoscope, and medical camera images and videos has greatly enhanced the patient experience and the efficiency of care. The overwhelmingly positive response from users, with 95% satisfaction reported after 6 months of use, is a testament to the value and impact of this Telecare tool. The company's 30% increase in revenue in the same time period is a clear indication of the tool's success in driving business growth and improving healthcare outcomes. We are confident that the Telecare tool will continue to inspire the Healthcare industry for years to come.

  • Successful release and deployment in the Canadian market
  • Smooth integration with distant check-up medical devices
  • Successful implementation of e-prescription and integration with payment systems

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