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A BNPL solution for the MENA region

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A BNPL solution for the MENA region

About the client

Andersen was approached by one of the largest holdings operating in the MENA region, which collaborates with clients from over 10 countries and covers various industries, including FinTech. The main idea of the project was to offer a top-notch BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) solution. BNPL payments in the MENA region are expected to grow at a double-digit annual rate over the next 10 years, fueled by the growing eCommerce penetration rates. Thus, the holding's management identified their envisioned BNPL product as one of the points of growth and requested Andersen to develop a solution allowing end clients to make purchases, both online or in-store, with installments.

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Project overview

A BNPL product is a digital lending solution that gives the ability to pay for purchases in installments. As such, it enables consumers to buy now and pay later, while merchants can increase the number of their clients' purchases.

The solution ordered by the customer company was expected to allow its end clients to pay for their purchases in installments easily and conveniently and provide them with the capability to track the history of their transactions. Shopping with this BNPL solution was supposed to become available via a checkout payment tool on a Merchant’s website and in stores.

Concept illustration
Representation of purchasing using the BNPL feature

Andersen's development process followed the Scrum methodology. To increase efficiency, we started with developing an MVP version. Its functionality was later extended.

The resulting solution includes the following major components:

  • Cross-platform mobile apps for end clients;
  • A web app for end clients;
  • The merchant’s part (i.e., a web app and API);
  • A landing page.
Duration12 months
Java 17
React Native


Java 17, Spring Framework



Mobile app:

React Native


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, MySQL, Kubernetes, Kafka, Memcached, microservice architecture

Concept illustration
Sign up page of the web app
Concept illustration
Mobile app installment and payment screens

IT Architecture structure

The expected initial number of users was 10,000 per week, while the architecture could, from the very outset, properly function with 100X of that amount, with minimal reconfiguration. There were also over 10 integrations with third-party services.

The fundamental architecture vision we came up with is applicable for a web or mobile application composed of microservices deployed as Docker containers in a Kubernetes cluster on a container engine. Data persistence is ensured by an autonomous database. Media and image files for the app are stored in object storage.

Concept illustration
IT architecture structure of the solution

Project results

  • The project was successfully implemented thanks to Andersen's relevant experience in the BNPL field and its number of experienced professionals;
  • Thanks to its IT architecture, the solution successfully handles large quantities of users.

Successful implementation of this project was ensured by Andersen's relevant experience in the BNPL field. We also were in the right position to provide a sufficient number of experienced professionals to work on that IT project.

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