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An Advanced Cloud-Based WMS System for a 3PL Logistics Provider

David Schneider

David Schneider

Head of Software Development

"Andersen's team proved to be extremely well-organized"

An Advanced Cloud-Based WMS System for a 3PL Logistics Provider

About the client

The customer, in this case, was a logistics company facing a serious challenge – their existing solution lacked the capacity to increase the number of SKUs managed. As an outcome, costly bottlenecks had become inevitable, and orders were regularly delivered with serious delays.

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Project overview

The main business and tech challenge to be resolved was that the existing solution had no sufficient capacity to increase the number of SKUs being managed. As an outcome, costly bottlenecks could not be avoided. Finally, orders were regularly delivered with serious delays.

On top of that, the customer wanted not only to resolve these issues but also to seriously expand its logistics capabilities. Namely, they intended to benefit from multiple system functionalities, including Warehouse Execution Systems and Warehouse Control Systems. The key idea was to unify all these capabilities within a single tool. This prerequisite was seen as leverage to reduce costs spent on orders and ensure real-time visibility on all the warehouse activities and inventory statuses.

duration11 months
Symfony 2
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The WMS dashboard with SKU location information

The management of the customer company pursued the following objectives. First, they wanted a speedy ROI. Second, they wanted the IT project delivery process to be smooth, seamless, and cost-effective. Third, they wanted their warehouse managers to obtain a user-friendly tool, so that their job processes and routines could become easier and faster. Needless to say, ineffective practices were to be eliminated.


The customer could rely on a small in-house IT team working onsite. However, those IT specialists lacked the available resources needed to implement such an IT initiative quickly and smoothly.

Andersen's involvement in the project began with the stage of pre-implementation analysis. This phase was launched to accurately map the customer's warehousing processes. In addition, this stage made it possible to specify the projected requirements for the WMS system. On top of that, the question of integrating the WMS on the one hand with the WEC and WCS systems, on the other hand, was examined.

After that, Andersen's team made of a project manager, 2 engineers, and 1 QA specialist proceeded with the development processes in close contact with the customer's team.

Their tasks encompassed the data migration from the old system; the EDI integration; the implementation of real-time reporting & analytics modules; and thorough testing to identify any flaws.

App functionality

As a result of the successfully delivered IT project, the customer quickly found itself in the right position to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Easily available operational screens, features, and functions making it possible to exercise effective control over the warehouse operations. As an outcome, the overall efficiency of warehouse distribution management was significantly enhanced
  • The system can collect statistical data covering the operational performance of the system. Consequently, operators and other responsible personnel can always ensure the peak performance level of the equipment they manage
  • The capability to instantly link one's data and work and manage from anywhere as long as end-users have stable access to the Internet
  • The customer's logistics team is able to seamlessly track assets and use the fully automated demand forecasting capabilities
  • Reliable interconnection with WEC and WCS systems properly ensured

Project results

As a result of our cooperation and the jointly delivered IT project, the customer managed to launch and start to use the system earlier than expected. Owing to the involvement of Andersen's experienced and skilled QA specialist, the system proved itself to be both stable, secure, and convenient. In business terms, the accuracy of inventory management was boosted, while the customer's warehouse productivity increased as well.

  • 13% reduction of labor costs and 55% increase of SKU management efficiency;
  • Enhanced asset tracking and demand forecasting capabilities;
  • Increased flexibility with real-time reporting and the ability to work from anywhere with Internet access;
  • Streamlined warehouse processes and eliminated bottlenecks.

Customer review


David Schneider

Head of Software Development



Compared to projects we have worked on with other IT firms, Andersen's team proved to be extremely well-organized. They communicated with us at a high level. Finally, they’re responsive and take proactive steps to address any minor issues that arise. We couldn’t have asked for more.

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