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An Innovation Management Portal

About the company

Andersen's customer, in this business case, was a major brewing company. It is one of the world's chief producers and marketers of various beverages. As of now, the group takes pride in an extensive portfolio of hundreds of beers and ciders. These products are promoted and sold internationally, regionally, and locally, complemented by a selection of specialty options. Determined to keep on growing, the company realized the need for an innovation management solution. This was expected to be a web-based app capable of helping to gather employees' ideas, wishes, and proposed solutions, maintain internal collaboration, and transform initiatives into full-fledged products. For this purpose, our team of custom web developers was chosen, as we have served multiple large-scale enterprises and possess an impressive track record.

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Project overview

The product, from the very outset, was intended to absorb all necessary functionalities on an all-in-one basis, eliminating the need to maintain several resources, the risk of parallel unconnected processes, and the factor of distraction. All the suggested features for the platform were meticulously selected to meet the company's needs. They encompass the core platform capabilities, a user-friendly tool for tracking news and events, and a flexible "home" for all the customer's apps.

Duration6 months
Main account dashboard
Main account dashboard

Business Context

With the new potent app, the customer aimed to achieve vital goals, including the upgrade of their innovation-focused flows and practices, a productivity boost, the facilitation of decision-making processes, and the saving of resources.


The main challenge was that our custom software developers were supposed to address an entire range of challenges faced by the customer E2E within a single tool. Among them were:

  • Setting up a dedicated space to aggregate all corporate learning resources and provide staff members with comprehensive information concerning educational and training opportunities;
  • Nurturing effective staff cooperation, interaction, and innovation;
  • Incorporating the resulting tool with the existing tech landscape;
  • Contributing to streamlined management and work by eliminating any duplication;
  • Crafting the requested solution to be expandable and scalable;
  • Delivering a UI that provides great and engaging user experiences.

App functionality

The app includes such elements as:

  • App store, a customizable platform for managing and promoting apps to be used by the company's employees to perform their tasks;
  • Search, a tool assisting users with finding answers to their questions by providing highly accurate results both from internal and external resources;
  • Dashboard to help users keep up with the most important news and updates;
  • Event tool to launch and manage various corporate arrangements;
  • Idea platform to work as an idea management pipeline;A
  • full collection of learning resources;
  • Dev tools and a handbook;
  • Forum as a communication space;
  • News and trends;
  • Gamification mechanisms.
Page of events
Page of events


As a whole, the resulting solution fulfills the following three missions:

  • General activities, covering such essential platform capabilities as the authentication system, main menu, notifications, and search;
  • Being a space for the customer to publish apps, easily identify the necessary apps, download them, and customize the app pages;
  • Communication via the forum aimed at collaboration, communication, sharing experiences, and enjoyment.
App store
App store

Project results

  • Well-documented requirements and design specifications ensured;
  • MVP web development, performed on the basis of incremental delivery and continuous feedback;
  • Successful initial launch and subsequent improvements based on valuable feedback received;
  • Product transfer covering knowledge, documentation, and the code itself.

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