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Andersen was approached by a British provider of telecom and utility services, working with 100,000 SMEs and start-ups. As a result of a merger with another major company with an extensive portfolio and a vast client base, the business faced the challenge of unifying their IT systems while catering for sales, provisioning, billing, and supporting an expanded product range. Andersen was contracted to tackle this task and expand the functionalities of their telecom CRM.

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Project overview

The functionalities our team was requested to add were supposed to address the challenge of bringing new telecom products into the CRM including broadband and leased line solutions. The resulting CRM for the telecommunication company was expected to effectively support the sales and operations of the larger business group after the merger.

Duration12 months


Swagger, AWS SDK, Jest, IdentityServer, AutoMapper, xUnit, Moq

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Business Context

Daisy Group, who has aquired XLN Telecom, has decided to keep their CRM system as the core for the merged company. This resulted in the need to migrate the features supporting the wider group's products into that system. Andersen was tasked with creating new modules for this purpose.


The range of challenges we helped to tackle included a lack of QA and BA resources, as well as a lack of Angular developers required to develop the planned telecom CRM solution.

App functionality

When working on this telecom software development initiative, our engineers provided assistance with:

  • Introducing new products into the telecom CRM;
  • Streamlining component design in the CRM to reduce time to market;
  • Building a range of integrations;
  • Tinkering with the CRM to handle new product lines (with bespoke product journeys);
  • Modernizing the design system and improving the usability levels;
  • Reducing dependencies on third-party solution providers.
Product Cancellatiion
Product Cancellatiion


Andersen successfully overhauled the design system and added the requested new functionalities, relying on reusable component libraries. In addition to that, we contributed to improving the customer's in-house workflows based on Agile best practices and past project experiences. Additionally, we helped with adopting the CI/CD best practices and did UX research based on specific product journeys to improve the throughput.

Project results

The resulting CRM solution has shown the following results:

  • 200,000 clients being served;
  • Revenue flow beyond £200 million.

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