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The customer is a real estate-focused company working in the UK. They run a pioneering marketplace for commercial real estate, where properties all over the county can be listed and found – quickly and easily.

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Business Context

The project was launched back in 2014. Relying on their extensive knowledge of and experience in the real estate field, the founders pursued the goal of crafting a dependable Real Estate web-based service capable of connecting consumers and agents. The process was supposed to take a few clicks and be built upon smart and convenient filters.

As of now, the resulting portal is used in the competitive markets of the UK, South Africa, and the UAE. Soon, it will become available in India and Nigeria. The customer is also going to enter the EU niche. After that, the portal is planned to become a global one.


Andersen’s web portal development specialists were contracted by an ambitious and growing team working in their local market of commercial real estate. What they requested from us was an all-in-one marketplace for commercial properties. It was expected to be highly usable, feature a comprehensive range of filters (based on property types, locations, prices, and more), and provide means for communication and business interaction.

Project overview

The aim of the project was to empower users to browse through numerous shops, office premises, industrial sites, land plots, etc., offered for future leaseholders. In this capacity, the real estate web solution was requested to work as a top-notch meeting point for renters, agents, and owners.

Duration40 months
Visual concept

App functionality

Owing to our contribution, the customer obtained a web-based commercial real estate portal with the following capabilities:

  • A simple yet informative registration form for property owners. Users can create their profiles and enter applicable corporate data;
  • Users can also create ads for the rental or sale of a building by filling out forms, indicating the type of property, its address, area, costs, etc., as well as their staff to contact;
  • To give potential buyers and tenants a better understanding of the property, the capability to upload photos and videos of the property has been added. Owners can also show buildings' locations on the map;
  • Users looking for a suitable property can apply special filters. They are free to specify property categories, desired prices and areas. The marketplace will show the user the best options;
  • Since the portal contains a significant number of pages, our developers created a bulk page creation module. It functions as follows: after receiving a request, it collects and prepares the necessary data and then generates a page;
  • Finally, we have developed most of the APIs via which the main functionalities of the portal are implemented, including an API for searching for real estate through filters.


As a result of our engagement, the customer has obtained what was ordered. Andersen's experts helped to envision and engineer a platform properly tailored to improve the way end-users would search for commercial property via a real estate client portal. Also, the resulting solution makes it much easier for property agents and brokers to get in touch with potential clients. All it takes to find and learn more about any commercial property is just a couple of clicks.

Project results

To sum up, this real estate website example is truly competitive and boasts the following outstanding results of our cooperation:

  • A module to automatically generate numerous pages, eliminating the need to create them manually, saving time, money, and other resources;
  • The API part built by Andersen is reusable and can be applied to similar functionalities.

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