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Redesign of a Procurement Portal

About the company

In this business case, we were tasked with assisting a company serving a major telecom provider as their procurement entity. As such, the customer is responsible for purchases and supplier management across the entire giant telco.

Simultaneously, the business not only caters to the needs of the parent company's operating companies but also offers procurement services to third parties.

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Business Context

In order to effectively oversee the allocation of over €24 billion across the customer's operating companies, partner markets, joint ventures, and other clients, a major upgrade to their procurement portal was necessary. The resulting solution was expected to optimize their operations in four chief categories: IT, networks, commercial and services, and devices. In order to make this possible, our team was chosen to redesign their procurement portal.

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Project overview

The custom web portal design initiative was implemented in three main phases.

Discovery and research:

  • Reviewing the existing Pega web app and gathering requirements;
  • Conducting research to grasp user needs, preferences, and pain points;
  • Identifying areas for improvement and proposing new design solutions.

UI design:

  • Developing wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for key screens and interactions across all systems and screens within the scope;
  • Designing a consistent UI component library, including buttons, input fields, navigation, etc.;
  • Creating a responsive design that would function seamlessly across different devices and browsers;
  • Ensuring the design is aligned with the customer's corporate brand guidelines and standards;
  • Ensuring the design can leverage the Pega Constellation Design framework.

Collaboration and integration:

  • Collaborating with the customer's in-house development team and other stakeholders involved;
  • Providing design assets and specifications to facilitate the implementation of the new UI;
  • Assisting with the integration of the new UI design into the existing Pega web app;
  • Participating in user testing rounds and gathering feedback to refine the design.
Duration3-4 months
business analysis
project management
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Andersen was tasked with redesigning the customer's portal, optimizing their processes, and enhancing user experiences. The autonomous procurement portal itself is intended for both internal purchasers and external vendors, built on the PEGA platform.

The primary objective of the redesign initiative was to streamline business procurement development workflows and create a more intuitive and user-friendly portal.

As the platform becomes increasingly autonomous, there is an expectation of reduced purchaser involvement. Therefore, the system needed to guide service providers and suppliers seamlessly through the procurement process in its entirety.


  • UX/UI in general;
  • Process progress status and impediments;
  • Notifications sent via the portal and email;
  • Mandatory and optional functionalities for end-users;
  • Information access details;
  • Pricing aspects;
  • Scoring and evaluation issues;
  • Document and information preview;
  • Supplier delegation;
  • User guides and support.

Project results

Within this research and design project, our experts delivered everything requested by the customer in full and on time. Specifically, we enhanced the UX for key roles, reduced the time required for critical workflows, and increased client satisfaction. The result is a truly modern, intuitive, pleasant-to-use, and effective web portal design example.

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