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The customer is active in the healthcare domain. Their company was incorporated back in 2017 by a team that had created the main gastroenterology information technology platform for patients in the USA. Andersen, as a design services vendor and source of UI/UX expertise, was asked to envision a health app to monitor liver functions, provide medical advice, and contribute to patients' recovery in general.

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Project overview

Before our company was contacted, the customer had already crafted a one-of-a-kind and dynamic platform to track the treatment of liver problems. Their team made the decision to use the developed solution on a larger scale to help healthcare providers manage expensive conditions beyond their respective existing medical practices. This was expected to enable the business to capitalize on new care management opportunities. Designing a new liver care app for remote patient monitoring was assigned to us.

Duration5 months
UI/UX Design
Visual concept


While the customer was technologically knowledgeable, they still needed a design partner to envision an iOS liver app specifically intended to help people with liver problems. Andersen was entrusted with creating UI/UX concepts for the customer's development teams.

App functionality

Andersen assisted the customer with designing the app, including its home page, onboarding journeys, assessment procedures, etc. In particular, we helped to implement the following aspects of the resulting liver health program:

  • User chats with care navigators;
  • Weight control;
  • Learning track for patients.


As is habitual in projects based on user-centered design, it took us several iterations to accomplish the project. Having started with a general idea, we realized that more details were needed. Andersen assumed responsibility for the comprehensive analysis of all future app processes, deeper understanding of the interaction elements, creation of alternative scenarios, assessment of customer journeys, user testing, and implementation of findings in the app.

These efforts made it possible to actually build the structure of interactions between various process elements and envision a great app, taking into account both the customer’s initial ideas and the wishes of future end-users.

Project results

  • App UI/UX design and clickable prototypes were provided on time and within the budget;
  • New revenue lines to manage patients remotely have eventually been enabled via the app.

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