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A Payroll System to Save Time, Cut Costs, and Prioritize the Core Business

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A Payroll System to Save Time, Cut Costs, and Prioritize the Core Business

About the client

In this case, Andersen was approached by a customer who works in the FinTech sector. They needed to develop a solution for payroll to provide both fixed and additional payroll services to client companies.

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About the project

The customer entrusted Andersen with developing a solution for payroll to provide both fixed (regular and firmly scheduled) and complementary (i.e., adapted to specific situations) payroll services to client companies.

The key request was to build special software for processing end clients' payroll tasks so that they could focus on their core business priorities, with no extra burden.

duration10 months



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List of employees with statuses and employment details

Thanks to the contribution made by our team, the customer has obtained a software solution capable of:

  • Calculating time sheets and payroll;
  • Ensuring payroll tax is deducted from every paycheck;
  • Deducting taxes for such situations as pension contributions and sickness benefits;
  • Calculating deductions and payroll taxes in general.
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Employee list and a payroll example (mobile screens)


Andersen's team has developed a trustworthy tool to perform some of in-house payroll tasks for small and medium-sized companies. The following results have been successfully delivered:

  • Careful application of the best industry security protocols and standards, rigorous testing, and all needed certifications like SOC 1 Type 2 audits to make sure that client data is always protected;
  • Modules specially designed for employees responsible for tax compliance;
  • Built-in calculator to save time on compliance tasks and mitigate associated risks;
  • Centralized salary and attendance database. This unified approach automates the entire process, from time tracking to payroll and feedback;
  • Higher ROI ensured by a payroll solution that reduces the time for manual processing of monthly payroll tasks from days to hours.

Project results

Andersen has delivered secure and fast self-service features used by payroll service end-users all over the world. The resulting solution can be effectively used in any sector or industry and is considered one of the most innovative payroll solutions globally.
  • 70% quicker processing of payroll tasks
  • 60% less spending on accounting and tax consultants

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