About the client

Andersen was approached by a financial boutique issuing structured investment products, providing asset securitization services and private equity options, and more. As such, the business needed a trusted custom investment software development vendor capable of creating a pricing-related component for their ecosystem and integrating it. Thanks to our reputation and proven FinTech track record, we were selected for this mission.

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About the project

While working on this investment asset management software project, our experts helped the customer with two aspects. First, we kept on supporting their existing systems by providing extra workforce for their in-house capacities. Second, we were involved in developing three new modules: a pricing platform, a FIX execution engine, and a custom index and product generation platform.

Duration12 months


AWS (lambdas, CI/CD pipelines, ECR, ECS, S3, DynamoDB), TypeScript, LaTeX, Java, Spring Boot, GitLab

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Business Context

The investment management project was focused on the core business of the customer – the domain of stock exchange and trading. After its completion, the customer expected to be more effective at selling, circulating, and re-selling securities.

App functionality

The investment platform project presented here combines aspects of stock exchange platforms and currency exchange platforms. That is, we not only helped to automate trading and re-selling processes but also contributed to the new direction of currency pairs analysis, based on stock exchange data concerning price trends. Owing to our assistance, it is now possible to assess how profitable buying or selling activities might be and make forecasts accordingly. Data is taken from Bloomberg and then sent to Numerix in an understandable format. Numerix processes information and submits its forecasts to the customer’s analysts.


As for the properties of the modules delivered, they were as follows:

  • Pricing platform. Here, our objective was to replace all the obsolete “pricers” that had been implemented organically throughout the years with a new upgraded consistent way of setting up products, calculating pricing and fees, and providing reporting in a coherent and streamlined way;
  • FIX execution engine. Here, our task was to develop a FIX engine to integrate with exchanges and brokers directly so that one could automate order handling and execution processes;
  • Custom index and product generation platform. Here, our mission was to enable the customer to get exposure for their index and product capabilities as a service via a digital platform.

Project results

  • Market Data Service (MDS) to obtain market insights has been developed. It is a widely used and versatile tool;
  • Andersen's team has contributed to developing complex calculations executed via Numerix (a separate organization provides algorithms and a calculation platform);
  • The MDS-JOBS service, which provides scheduling tasks for market calculations at certain intervals, has been engineered by us using Python;
  • Integration with the Numerix service has been performed;
  • Development of another service, MDS-NUMERIX, to collect data by Numerix has been successfully launched;
  • Integration with the configuration service developed by an external team has been accomplished;
  • Andersen's team has assumed responsibility for debugging MDS-NUMERIX aspects.

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