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An AI-Based Tool for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Christof Bitschnau

Christof Bitschnau

CEO at Quantics

"We very much appreciate our collaboration with Andersen"

An AI-Based Tool for Data-Driven Decision-Making

About the client

Quantics is an AI company seeking to enable businesses to greatly optimize their operations based on data-driven decision making and reliable projections for better management. For this purpose, they asked us to build an MVP of an AI-based solution.

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Project overview

Recent progress in the AI field allows businesses to greatly optimize their operations based on data-driven decision-making and reliable projections for better management. Thus, Data Science and Big Data are quickly becoming invaluable and indispensable assistants for modern companies. Today, these technologies are enabling even the teams with limited IT talent and R&D budgets to become more competitive and profitable. The customer entrusted us with building such a cost-effective and easily available MVP. We assumed full responsibility for its design, front-end development, quality assurance, and project management, while the customer retained the back-end part.

duration15 months


React.js, RxJS, TypeScript


Python, Java, R

Additional services:

Project Manager, Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, 2 Front-end Developers, 2 Back-end Developers, QA Engineer

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Home page for data and statistics analysis


In order to implement such an ambitious AI initiative, Andersen's team started with a Discovery phase. Then, our experts envisioned and created an outstanding and intuitive design and documentation, including user stories and use cases. On top of that, we tuned a comprehensive testing process and, finally, developed a long-term work plan and a roadmap.

App functionality

The range of advanced functionalities ensured and delivered by Andersen includes:

  • Procedures to onboard new users, i.e. a training program and questionnaire with various types of questions;
  • Capability to upload new files containing business data for the last two years or more. It can be previewed as a table and edited;
  • Opportunity to generate different sorts of forecasts based on the data previously uploaded. On top of that, projection periods can be changed, types of displayed data can be selected, and various filters can be applied;
  • Ability to manually enter data that the system will apply to adjust the eventual forecast on an ML basis;
  • Several roles for users with varying access levels;
  • Capability to share links leading to the generated forecasts and jointly edit them;
  • Implementing security measures like CSRF protection, sanitizing user input, etc.
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Page for uploading data into the system

Project results

Andersen’s contribution has greatly improved the overall quality of the product. As a result, our customer has found itself in the right position to successfully participate in a tender for state financing and win its first business end clients. Those first real users left positive feedback.

  • The intuitive MVP we delivered has empowered the business to make strategic decisions and optimize operations;
  • The solution has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from end-users and has led to successful client acquisitions.

Customer review


Christof Bitschnau

CEO at Quantics



We recently finalized the design phase for the frontend of our advanced analytics solution. We very much appreciate the collaboration with Andersen Lab. The process was professionally managed, we could closely monitor all changes in the design process, propose required changes, discuss new ideas, and adaptions were swiftly incorporated. We particularly like the flexible, quick, and uncomplicated way of cooperation with Andersen Lab.

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