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An EHR System for US Primary Care Medical Centers

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An EHR System for US Primary Care Medical Centers

About the client

The customer is a US-based private company operating Primary Care Medical Centers. They requested a custom and contemporary EHR system with easy input, storage, display, and transfer of patient data in a HIPAA-compliant way.

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Project overview

The customer is the US based private company operating Primary Care Medical Centers. They requested a custom and contemporary EHR, with easy input, storing, displaying and transferring patient data in a HIPAA compliant way across company's medical centers and external facilities. New solution needed to be linked with patient scheduling module, billing module, to have modern CPOE functionality, supported by CDSS and be integrated with ancillary information systems (laboratory, pharmacy and imaging (PACS)) as well as the patient's wearable devices.

duration11 months
Net Core


React, Redux, Axios, React-Router

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App functionality

  • Advanced scheduling module with automated and customizable appointment notifications and reminders;
  • Telemedicine functionality (patient-provider and provider-provider communication);
  • Customizable patient charts aligned with the clinic’s needs and physician’s specialty;
  • Patient’s lab reports analytics – customizable dashboards for specified patients and lab results;
  • Modern CPOE features (digital referrals to laboratory, radiology department and consultations, e-prescribing module);
  • Advanced custom clinical decision support system (allegies alerts, drug-drug interaction, drug-labs patterns) with AI-powered features for improved patient outcomes;
  • Integrated RCM functionality;
  • DICOM viewer embedded in EHR.
  • Speech to text recognition for faster input of doctor’s notes;

Project results

  • Improved providers productivity after 6 months of use and adoption thanks to the optimized workflows;
  • Improved data interchange through integration with multiple HIS (LIS, RIS, local pharmacies);
  • 5% increase in company’s revenue after the first 6 months of new EHR use.
  • 15% decrease of patients hospitalization rate after 12 months;
  • 20% decreased number of redundant lab tests after 6 months;

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