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A Software Solution for the Next-Gen Printing Industry

Stefan Giesecke

Stefan Giesecke

Head of IT

"Andersen did high-quality work as an independent and smart team"

A Software Solution for the Next-Gen Printing Industry

About the client

Elanders is a UK-based provider of supply chain solutions. It also offers print and packaging services. As such, the business needed an advanced, user-friendly, and web-based ordering platform to simplify the process of printing files.

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Project overview

Elanders has developed advanced, user-friendly, and web-based ordering platforms that simplify the process of printing files. These IT solutions cover the entire workflow - from making orders for printing to delivering hard-copies (tailored-fit, just-in-time, or sequenced deliveries).

The old system used by the customer to manage PDF files could no longer meet modern requirements and became outdated. A new, user-friendly, and clear UI had to be created to ensure quick and convenient access to printing materials.

On the one hand, Andersen's development team helped to support and maintain the already existing system while simultaneously building a new version with improved functionality.

duration2 years
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Dashboard with printing order information

App functionality

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  • Planning operations and production activities;
  • Planning staff changes and work shifts;
  • Editing documents before printing (conversion from HTML to PDF, adaptation, etc.);
  • Printing documents;
  • Accepting and processing orders;
  • A UI for the company's staff;
  • Synchronizing the database with user data and groups from the company's Active Directory;
  • Authorizing end-users through the company's AD;
  • Managing end-users and groups in the system;
  • Ensuring the app is accessible for all users.


With both the old and the new systems securely available, needed files can be selected and stored for subsequent printing and processing. In addition, settings for cutting and further stapling activities can be defined.

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A printing specialist's account management page

This has made it possible to seamlessly implement a new solution while retaining the full functionality of the old system.

Project results

  • The delivered platform for Elander has simplified the printing process and streamlined the entire workflow;
  • The new platform has already proven to be successful with calendars printed as a pilot product;
  • The overall printing experience for Elander's clients has significantly improved.
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Customer review


Stefan Giesecke

Head of IT