About the client

The Swiss Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization working in more than 30 countries and implementing a variety of initiatives. The organization heavily relies on charity to provide aid for people in emergency situations. In order to facilitate efforts in this respect, their website has to meet corresponding standards of clarity, engagement, and payment processing.

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About the project

In this Red Cross case study, our company was contacted as a source of custom web development expertise to deliver an informative and user-friendly website. The resulting web presence was expected to feature swift journeys for engaging user sessions, be visually appealing to communicate organization values and purposes, and make the donation process convenient.

duration12 months
CSS Modules


React/Next.js, CSS Modules, Tailwind CSS, Webpack 5, Storybook, Lerna, Yarn 2, Jest, Enzyme, Vercel


Contentful CMS


GitHub Actions

Screens demonstrating the delivered website’s design
Screens demonstrating the delivered website’s design


When working on this project, we tackled a range of tasks. First, in terms of layout, we created a design that would make users navigate towards the elements of chief importance to the customer. Second, our React web development specialists ensured high responsiveness for convenient user sessions via all browsers and devices (load time was reduced by almost 40%). Third, we took care of SEO issues to guarantee better indexation and increased visibility on the Internet. Finally, our team laid a foundation for simplified site maintenance and scalability for potential future improvements.

Examples of pages adapted to mobile devices
Examples of pages adapted to mobile devices

App functionality

In order to relaunch the customer's web presence and address the above issues, we migrated the site to a headless React architecture. Additionally, we implemented a new HTTP cache validation strategy. This enabled the site to prevent superfluous queries and improved web browsing performance.

Here are the submitted deliverables:

  • Content Management System setup;
  • Runtime content update;
  • Payment services integration;
  • Implementing techniques like lazy loading, code splitting, caching, and Server-Side Rendering for performance optimization.

Project results


increase in the visitor base within 3 months of the launch


faster page load time

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