About the client

Swiss Red Cross is a prominent world-known humanitarian organization. It is active not only in Switzerland but also in over 30 other countries, implementing various initiatives.

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Project overview

Andersen was contacted by a prominent world-known humanitarian organization and entrusted with building an informative and user-friendly website. This new web presence was expected to match the highest possible usability standards and communicate the organization's mission. Our team achieved all these goals.

duration12 months
CSS Modules


React/Next.js, CSS Modules, Tailwind, Webpack 5, Storybook, Lerna, Yarn 2, Jest, Enzyme, Vercel


Contentful CMS


GitHub Actions

Screens demonstrating the delivered website’s design
Screens demonstrating the delivered website’s design


The key objective was to build a totally new web-based solution with the best possible UX ensured. The team of our experts adhered to the latest and best web design practices and standards while working in close contact with the customer. Our main guideline was the principle of simplicity to make users gravitate toward the most important elements first. In addition, the website’s high responsivity ensures that it looks consistent across all browsers and devices. Finally, while working on this SEO-friendly solution, we also ensured its seamless maintenance and scalability.

Examples of pages adapted to mobile devices
Examples of pages adapted to mobile devices

App functionality

As the customer has requested, we helped with relaunching the organization's website and moving it to a headless React architecture. The application was developed according to the highest coding standards and guidelines. Further, an effective HTTP cache validation strategy was implemented to obtain the most up-to-date content and prevent superfluous queries.

During our cooperation, we delivered the following results:

  • Content Management System setup;
  • Runtime content update;
  • Recognition of foreign qualification services;
  • Payment services integration.

Project results


more visitors within three months after the launch


faster page speed

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