About the client

Andersen was approached by a subsidiary of a major European machine-building and engineering enterprise. Their professional focus is on huge high-voltage motors, industrial generators, and convertors. As such, the customer's portfolio includes innovative solutions, digitalization projects, and a broad range of service offerings. They take great pride in delivering each end-product in a form that works best for their clients.

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About the project

Andersen successfully developed a web-based app encompassing all the steps engineers use to perform their calculations. The Business Analyst and designer we had assigned to this project thoroughly analyzed the calculation process to ensure the system could handle all required steps and presented that information comprehensively. The project was delivered in accordance with our Managed Delivery Service model.

Duration15 months


React, TypeScript, Sass, Redux, redux-toolkit, redux-observable, RxJS, Jest, React Testing Library


.NET, PostgreSQL, Redis, AutoMapper, Newtonsoft.JSON, NUnit

Visual concept

Business Context

The customer struggled with setting up a unified flow for the creation of electrical designs – i.e. the first part of the engineering process. Before our IT project started, their processes were mostly manual and involved several steps. Each step required a specific tool or a custom-created Excel calculator, resulting in the burden of managing many open tabs. This factor significantly affected the speed and convenience of their engineers' daily operations. Andersen helped to craft a web-based electrical design application combining all the necessary steps within a single process, thus reducing manual efforts.


The customer adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. Therefore, the challenge of performing swift and cost-effective yet precise and completely reliable calculations for large drivers was paramount. Previously, the customer’s engineers had to use a wide variety of systems and tools for these calculations. What's more, the process lacked automation, requiring many tasks to be performed manually.

App functionality

The resulting web-based app for internal use enables engineers to exercise access to all required data, including information from internal and third-party services, in one place and complete all steps of the electrical design process within a single unified system. This means they can load order data with varying configuration characteristics from SAP, find a similar variant already built, reuse this configuration with minor adaptations, find or add a new TRA (the specification of the motor geometry), perform pre-processing and post-processing calculations, create electrical designs, save order data back to SAP, and generate electrical documentation.


In order to develop automotive software that fully meets the customer's requirements, we have achieved the following objectives:

  • The time consumed by order engineering efforts has been reduced. The UI is clear and responsive. All the app's tabs have the same look and feel. Any engineer is always aware of their current process step, its status, and what the next step is. Data complexity stays hidden until the user explicitly asks for it. Finally, there is a general approach to presenting bulks of data;
  • The UI is simple, easy-to-use, and the data structures are transparent, thus, the learning curve is flat. The user is conducted through the process steps and supported by tooltips. Engineers who are not deeply familiar with the process can use it and be successful in their order management activities;
  • The app can be understood and used by all engineering teams located in Europe, the US, China, and India (the main language of the app is English).

Project results

The app delivered by our team has helped to reduce the manual work loads on the customer's engineers. The company is now in the right position to process orders more effectively.

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