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Automotive Software for Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics

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Automotive Software for Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics

About the client

Ellis-Car is a data-driven company from France listed in the Top 100 Innovative Companies all over the globe. It provides a range of innovative solutions to decrease the number of road accidents and enhance end clients' fleet management activities.

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Project overview

The customer already had a web-based platform in place. However, it required improvements and upgrades to ensure better management of vehicle diagnostic devices, along with the development of corresponding Android and iOS mobile apps. These tasks were entrusted to Andersen.

Over the course of 18 months, our experts created a visually appealing and intuitive platform for tracking driver progress and performance by leveraging such technologies as PHP, Symphony, JavaScript, and Swift. The platform also offers a management panel for assessing driving records and a driver's panel for personalized driving reports.

The result is a highly functional and responsive website with a user-friendly interface and engaging design. The software deliverables provided by our team have helped the customer expand their client base and improve satisfaction rates with more downloads of the mobile app. As such, the project is an outstanding automotive example of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Home page with driver database and fuel statistics
Home page with driver database and fuel statistics
duration18 months

App functionality

As one of the industry leaders in IT services for the automotive industry, our software development team has successfully handled and resolved the automotive project tasks set by the customer. Among them were:

Driver's profile with their car information
Driver's profile with their car information
  • Adding the capability to track the progress of vehicle fleet drivers via an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based manager platform located right in the user's browser. Hence end users have obtained visuals and tools to diagnose and monitor multiple performance indicators, all in real-time. They are now able to interact with multiple driver teams as well. Further, one can leverage the app's gamification features to specify and assemble teams, set up challenges, and manage a gift store;
  • Crafting a management panel to store and assess fleet driving records (i.e. a summary of important indicators concerning the performance of the customer’s teams, including their work scores, rankings, carbon footprint, mileage, etc.). On top of that, the system can now intelligently propose to take needed actions every week, such as automatically and anonymously contacting drivers who take risks;
  • Developing a driver’s panel featuring a personalized driving report. This report can present such comprehensive statistics for individual cases as a recap of one’s driving behaviors, rankings within the company, professional scores, XP points, coaching videos, promotions, etc. Drivers are now able to follow their stats, progress, and journeys at any time via the mobile app;
  • Ensuring the web app is responsive and provides the best possible experience across different device types and sizes.


As a company of automotive software experts, we have ensured the best possible result – a highly-functional, bug-free, and responsive website with a user-friendly interface and engaging design. The new capabilities and a better look and feel have helped the customer market their services, increase sales, and attract new clients. They have given rise to employee loyalty and satisfaction rates. On top of that, the customer’s mobile vehicle diagnostics app, which used to be only available for Android users, now runs on iOS as well. As a result, the number of users has increased.

Project results

  • The solution offers its clients a range of innovative tools to reduce accidents and facilitate their fleet management activities;
  • The new features and improved appearance have helped the customer promote their services, boost sales, attract new clients, and increase employee loyalty and satisfaction;
  • The new iOS app has attracted a large number of users. The processes are now streamlined, and the costs are reduced – all this thanks to well-designed software that allows the customer to focus on their business goals. The overall client satisfaction rate has increased thanks to improved usability.

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