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A Car Transfer Service Application


Founder & CEO at RideShair

"We have been working with Andersen for nearly one year, and we could not recommend their Cloud services any higher"

A Car Transfer Service Application

About the client

RideShair is a Europe-based cloud app that allows end-users pay less for car transfers. The app's primary goal is to link taxi suppliers with airlines, travel agencies, and other similar companies.

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Project overview

The RideShair cloud-based app helps end-users pay less for a car transfer. The app's main goal is to serve as a link between taxi suppliers on the one hand and airlines, travel agencies, and other relevant companies on the other hand.

Basically, via this app, one can join a pool of people who need to reach the same destination point. In this fashion, end-users can split the eventual cost between all the participating passengers, thus saving money.

What makes the solution truly reliable and scalable is that it was delivered using AWS. Thus, the process has incorporated multiple components in a perfect balance while keeping the usage costs to a minimum.

duration12 months


MongoDB, PostgreSQL


Postman, Swagger

RideShair's mobile app interface
RideShair's mobile app interface

App functionality

As a result of our software quality assurance efforts and upgrades, the following aspects have been covered within deadlines and in full conformity with the customer's guidelines and preferences:

  • Advanced reservation management capabilities;
  • Seamless integration with taxi suppliers;
  • Deep linking;
  • An elaborate cost optimization algorithm;
  • Integration of payment options.


In order to ensure the best possible results, our developers and QA team concentrated on the following issues and improvements:

  • Establishment of a clear, well-structured, and productive framework for the software testing process;
  • Participation in discussing new features aimed at preventing defects at the earliest stage possible;
  • Conduction of the cross-browser and cross-platform testing process;
  • Seamless integration with third-party taxi service providers;
  • Ensuring multiple perfectly functioning payment options.

Project results

It is noteworthy that the software testing processes were set up from scratch. Thanks to the QA measures we introduced – particularly, testing focused on the early stages – the number of defects and the costs for fixing them have significantly reduced.

In addition, seamless integrations ensured by our specialists have significantly improved user satisfaction rates:


of the software covered by testing


lower spending on bug fixing


user satisfaction rates


audience growth over the first three months

Customer review


Founder & CEO at RideShair


Review verified by clutch and matches the customer’s words

We have been working with Andersen for nearly one year, and we could not recommend their Cloud services any higher. We have already recommended them to four other companies that are now using their services and all are incredibly happy. Across the board, they are a pleasure to deal with and incredibly professional; however, we are most impressed with their technical skills. They have built our application using AWS, incorporating multiple components while keeping our usage costs to a minimum.

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