Project overview

This IT project was focused on the development of a web-based application for selling gift coupons that multiple suppliers provide. Andersen took full responsibility for it, including code, business analysis, quality assurance, and design.

As a result, the customer's old system, with insufficient functionalities and impeded business processes, was replaced with a brand new solution. The latter was delivered by Andersen in an end-to-end fashion to ensure the best possible results.

duration18+ months
The platform's welcome page and card categories
The platform's welcome page and card categories

App functionality

Andersen has successfully resolved the main challenge, i.e. the development of a reliable and feature-rich yet entirely reliable app. Its extended functionality is ensured via API connections to the suppliers and clients. On top of that, the app provides for financial accountability and a seamless currency conversion feature.

The resulting app is capable of:

  • Automating and simplifying the process of managing gift cards
  • Speeding up the order management process
  • Boosting the customer's business by enabling it to offer more products to its end clients and optimizing other business processes
  • Drastically decreasing the number of errors
  • Improving the client service
  • Establishing accurate financial accountability processes


Before the cooperation with Andersen, the customer's system was slow, not robust enough, and full of flaws. As an outcome, their business processes were ineffective. Multiple errors didn't allow the customer to collaborate with many suppliers, offer a large number of products, process orders in real-time, successfully manage all the gift cards, handle financial data, and provide clients with proper service. On top of that, the customer used to lose significant sums of money because of the system failures in terms of wrong quantities and incorrect values.

Andersen has dealt with those challenges effectively and within the shortest terms.

Project results

  • Thanks to our efforts, the process of managing gift cards is now automated and simplified;
  • Andersen's team has improved the overall client service and sped up the order management process;
  • The customer can now offer more products to end clients and optimize other business processes;
  • The resulting solution includes financial accountability features and seamless currency conversion;
  • A 98% customer satisfaction rate and a threefold increase in clients have been achieved.

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