About the project

Andersen provided the customer with lacking resources via a staff augmentation initiative – i.e., by adding our experts to the customer's existing IT team. In addition, we did extensive and deep research to identify bottlenecks within the development chain. All this enabled the customer to achieve the set targets within their deadlines.

duration18 months


Golang, .NET,




Talon.One, Clipper, Adyen, Cabiri

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Project scope and functionalities

Andersen’s expert-level contribution made it possible to build the very eCommerce platform the customer expected. The online store is based on a reliable microservice architecture and has a range of essential features.

  • Viewing and filtering various clothing items to add them to the cart;
  • Secure integration with a range of payment systems, with three currencies available;
  • An integration with the customer’s warehouse management system;
  • Integration with freight management systems across various separate locations;
  • Integration with an interstate transportation management system for effective shipment operations;
  • A supported call center;
  • A system to interact with franchisees and control their operations and quality;
  • Integration with the customer’s CRM and document management systems;
  • Delivery tracking that covers nearly 100 countries.
  • The resulting store fully matches all applicable compliance and security requirements.
Visual concept

Project scope and functionalities

Andersen’s contribution has led to such impressive results as:


growth of eCommerce net sales


more unique monthly visitors

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