eCommerce Development Services

Support your eCommerce Development team with Andersen's highly-qualified experts or entrust us with building your platform from scratch

Andersen's eCommerce Expertise

Andersen's eCommerce expertise can comprehensively cover any industry, service line, and product type.

Logistics for eCommerce

With Andersen’s tech experts, your eCommerce business will be in the right position to manage complex supply chains and logistics operations.

eCommerce Payments

Andersen’s engineers will reveal new horizons for your eCommerce venture with all the popular and safe payment options, including cards, transfers, crypto, etc.

Cloud for eCommerce

Apply the potential of cloud technologies to process and store data, host your eCommerce Solutions, and manage online trade applications.

eCommerce CRM

Proper customer relations management is the key to success in such a competitive industry as eCommerce. Andersen will deliver needed CRM solutions for you.

Design for eCommerce

Make sure the UI of your eCommerce platform matches modern trends and client expectations with intuitive controls and optimized user journeys.

Big Data

Stay ahead of your competitors by making the right data-driven decisions and applying valuable insights based on the potential of Big Data.

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Rabotkevich Hanna, EU business development lead
Rabotkevich Hanna

Our projects

Providing full range of eCommerce services, we help you create best-in-class software solutions for your business that perfectly fit your needs. The best results are reflected in our projects

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Explore Andersen's current engagements in the eCommerce segment.

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Something to think about

Sharing thoughts and news tracking the latest trends and changes in the eCommerce field

Predictive Analytics for eCommerce

Boosting sales, adjusting marketing campaigns, and improving pricing and resource management.

Predictive Analytics for eCommerce