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Andersen was approached by a British-based subsidiary of a European industrial giant involved in various sectors. This specific customer is engaged in developing innovative mobility ecosystems and services for smart, connected cities. Their mission is to advance next-gen mobility, making it safer, more resource-effective, and sustainable via forward-looking infrastructure and technology solutions.

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Business Context

The fact that the customer is a contractor for the British government imposes extra stringent regulations in terms of safety, quality, and compliance on all their products, including this smart city traffic management system.


The key challenge our team helped to resolve was the delivery of a traffic controller through a secure web interface, relying on browsers without the need for additional tools or software.

Project overview

The pioneering traffic management tool, to the development of which we contributed, functions as an emergency processor capable of taking over control of the signals from the main processor as a hot standby. This ensures maximum availability and makes it possible to enable over-the-air (OTA) updates during operations.

Duration12 months
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App functionality

This IT project carried out with Andersen's assistance, as a developer of transport management solutions, is notable for an entire range of capabilities:

  • Connection of more than 64 signal groups and up to 256 detectors done easily and with minimal wiring. The modular design with serial module communication and SIL3 certification makes this possible;
  • Support for end-users during project planning, with an intuitively understandable flow chart or, optionally, a structure diagram. This allows traffic engineering tasks to be converted into program code without any knowledge of domain-specific programming;
  • In the user library, each user’s personal blocks can be stored, individually named, and combined with the PDM functions at any time. The block library grows with each completed project. Thanks to the S-L function, the individual blocks are already assembled. The user only needs to adapt them to the specific requirements of the intersection simply by parameterization.
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The resulting solution helps city administrators and municipalities integrate and evolve intelligent strategies into their transport systems, enabling traffic managers to proactively manage traffic with virtual signage, connected infrastructure and vehicles, and other innovative solutions.

Project results

While the project is still in progress, the following goals have been attained:

  • Full compliance with all project-related budget guidelines and milestones;
  • 97% user satisfaction rates confirmed by preliminary user testing.

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