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A Furniture eCommerce Platform

About the Client

Andersen’s customer, in this collaboration, was a European company selling furniture manufactured by multiple suppliers. eCommerce is a key channel for them. In this capacity, they offer well over 3 million products from several hundred companies. When they contacted us, they wanted to combine all that stock within a single, convenient-to-use, and intuitive online portal capable of ensuring the best possible buyer experiences.

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About the project

In this business case, Andersen was entrusted with building an eCommerce platform. The goal was to engineer a furniture marketplace that would serve buyers in France and Germany. In tech terms, our team was asked to build a smart aggregator for stores, which would be capable of supporting 400+ active suppliers and easily adding new ones.

This intelligent solution was envisioned as a platform able to determine which products would be more profitable to display in combos via the search function and which would be more profitable to sell in individual items. In addition, the marketplace was expected to reveal duplicates from different suppliers and offer Big Data potential for the BI department.

duration48 months
Spring Boot


Spring Data, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra

Other technologies:

OpenTracing, Hasura, CI/CD, Gradle, Terraform, Ansible, ELK, Prometheus+ Grafana, Google Cloud Platform, Hetzner

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App functionality

As a result, we have delivered the following results:

  • Collection and processing of supplier data;
  • Intelligent evaluation of supplier performance;
  • A smart system of personalized search recommendations;
  • Adaptability to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
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Andersen has successfully resolved the challenge of engineering a web marketplace automatically configurable for various devices, which considers user preferences and offers personalized user experiences. In particular, we have built two active websites, for Germany and France, with country-specific optimization approaches.

Project results

  • 23% higher monthly sales on average
  • 87% end-user satisfaction rates

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