UI/UX Design for FinTech: Tips & Examples

Igor Netahata

Igor Netahata

Head of the UI/UX Design department at Andersen

Aug 2, 2022
10 minutes to read
  1. FinTech design trends to follow
  2. Personalization
  3. Tailor-made UI/UX design for FinTech
  4. Total & multi-functionality
  5. Gamification
  6. Emotion-led design
  7. How to design a user-friendly FinTech app?
  8. Business plan and UX research
  9. Choose your tech stack and team
  10. Wireframe design
  11. Prototype and Release
  12. Maintenance and support services
  13. FinTech design outsourcing: how to do it right
  14. Perform business analysis
  15. Find a trusted partner
  16. Proposal contract
  17. Team assembly and getting started
  18. Andersen’s FinTech design examples
  19. An eBanking solution with a feature-rich interface
  20. An app for personal finance management
  21. An app for financial planning and analytics
  22. An app for a bank’s corporate clients
  23. Wrapping up

“Wow!” “That’s exciting!” “What an amazing experience!” When was the last time you heard someone say these things about their banking experience? Probably never. But in the current digital climate, user experience is everything. And yes, that includes banking. The demand for smooth, streamlined, and bold FinTech design is increasing, and gone are the days of accepting your usual bank’s slow and glitching mobile banking app. There’s a whole world of new and exciting FinTech startups boasting innovative UI designs, a quick and simple onboarding process, and a mass of multi-functional features with rapid integration with other apps on your smartphone. An app’s FinTech UI design and overall user experience can be the entire company’s making or, if not executed perfectly, its complete downfall. And here’s why: Research shows that one in three people have expressed that they would stop interacting with a brand they love after just one bad experience – that’s just one unsatisfactory experience with a brand they trust and love! – and that percentage goes up to 59% if the bad experiences continue. This shows how easily and quickly people lose confidence in a brand – so your business might not get a second chance once you’ve committed a single UX mistake.

UX/UI Design for FinTech (img 1)

So for any business to swim rather than sink, it’s crucial to keep UX at the forefront of one's strategy and execute great FinTech UI design at all times.

In this article, we will talk about the main trends in FinTech right now and show you how you can create a great user experience for your clients every time and absolutely smash FinTech app design.