Boosting Customer Satisfaction: Why Your Business Needs a UX Design Consultant

Igor Netahata

Igor Netahata

Head of the UI/UX Design department at Andersen

Sep 28, 2022
11 minutes to read
  1. Understanding user experience consulting
  2. UX design consultant: defining the role
  3. Carrying out in-depth research
  4. Mapping out user personas
  5. Team guidance
  6. Testing and validation of results
  7. The benefits of having a user experience consultant
  8. Outside perspective
  9. Enhanced user understanding
  10. Efficient product strategy
  11. Quick development process
  12. Impeccable design quality
  13. Training and mentorship
  14. Scenarios when businesses need a user experience design consultant
  15. Key attributes of a strong UX consultant
  16. Breadth of experience
  17. Strategic mindset
  18. Excellent analytical capabilities
  19. Inquisitive mind
  20. Aptitude for collaboration
  21. Andersen as your partner for digital transformation
  22. A user-centered approach
  23. Data-driven perspective
  24. Future-focused strategies
  25. Agility
  26. Knowledge transfer
  27. Wrapping up

As helpful and necessary as digital products can be, they can only find acclaim if they have an engaging user experience. That's why designers implement a solid UX right from the start or improve existing solutions. Clear and intuitive interfaces leave users satisfied and bring revenue to businesses.

Therefore, to build an efficient solution, you need not only top-notch developers but also an experienced UX/UI consultant. Such professionals are becoming increasingly popular globally and significantly contribute to software success.

In this piece, Andersen's specialists shed light on the advantages of having a reliable UX design consultant.

Understanding user experience consulting

To fully grasp the concept of UX consulting, you must understand what user experience means. It covers all interactions a person has with a product or service. And customers are happy only if the design is clear, with intuitive interfaces, appealing visuals, and easy navigation.

However, even with these elements, digital solutions may struggle to connect with people effectively. That's why you should find an experienced UX consultant—this specialist will identify and address the problems extremely efficiently. They comprehensively analyze the architecture, layout, metrics, and design. This enables them to identify opportunities for improving the user journey. As a result, your platform, system, or app leaves a lasting impression and brings profit.

A user experience design consultant helps with improving existing software or developing a new solution. By involving a UX expert in the creation process—from planning to design, development, and post-launch support—you can ensure a stellar user experience right from the start. Their supervision helps implement best practices for usability and visual attractiveness into the product’s DNA.

UX consulting helps businesses nurture their software holistically. It provides an outside-in perspective based on expert analysis of the competitive landscape, user needs, and strategic goals. This bird's eye view of the product experience identifies areas of opportunity, so enhancements can be made systematically. With their approach rooted in research, such experts uncover paths for solutions to reach their full potential. Their insights help a company keep clients happy, engaged, and loyal over the long haul.

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UX design consultant: defining the role

A UX design consultant is a bridge between your in-house personnel, end users, and stakeholders. Blending design skills with analytical ability, they study your solution and target groups to pinpoint issues and find ways to polish the user experience.

Some of their key responsibilities include:

Carrying out in-depth research

User experience design consultants gather extensive insights into your business, product, target audience, and market. They analyze this data and give expert recommendations on how people perceive your application and how you can enhance it cost-effectively. They carry out their tasks with your brand positioning and strategic objectives in mind.

Mapping out user personas

Through their research, user experience design consultants gain a profound understanding of different segments of your audience. This knowledge helps them build detailed personas that capture each group's behaviors, motivations, and pain points.

Team guidance

By leveraging proven frameworks and tools, user experience consultants advise your team on crafting effective wireframes, prototypes, and interfaces. They ensure alignment to a sound UX strategy and schedule.

Testing and validation of results

UX consultants play an active part in the usability testing of prototypes and finished products. This process shows if the objectives have been met and the software delivers a smooth experience. They use established UX metrics and provide assessment reports.

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The benefits of having a user experience consultant

A UX consultant brings immense value to your business in several ways:

Outside perspective