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Practice Management Software for managing all aspects of operations of a healthcare facility

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Medical Practice Management Software

Patient Information Management Software

PMS software for providers designed to create electronic patient charts that include vital information, employer, medical history, medications, and more.

Appointment Scheduling Apps

Easy-to-navigate and user-friendly scheduling interfaces for managing patient appointments and procedures as well as staff schedules.

Medical Data Management Software

Practice Management software for simplified management of patient data, healthcare workers, services and facilities in safe and accurate way.

Billing and Claims Processing Software

Customized PMS software for facilitating medical coding and billing, streamlining the payments and fastening reimbursements from payers.

Healthcare Reporting Software

PMS software with pre-established and fully customizable reporting abilities to assemble financial, administrative and clinical information into useful reports.

Healthcare CRM Software

Clever Healthcare CRM solutions for personalized interaction with patients and referring providers, improved care quality and customer satisfaction.

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Challenges we solve

Low performance efficiency

Optimizing time management and improving efficiency of appointment scheduling, clinical operations, patient communication, billing and more.

Complex billing process

Developing robust billing modules to handle large number of patients efficiently by minimizing delays, eliminating errors and reducing the time taken to settle the bill.

Inefficient claim management

Providing verification of patients’ insurance information, calculation of the current denial rate, automatic data entry and more, in order to reduce claim denials and increase revenues.

Manually operated resource allocation

Automating resource allocation for every procedure with predefined and custom defined treatment kits.

Excessive staff workload

Reducing administrative workload by automating tasks such as appointment scheduling, clinical operations, patient communication etc.

Loss of revenue

Providing easy access to financial, operational, inventory and clinical reports available in custom formats to track important metrics and maximize revenues.

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