Robotic Process Automation

RPA enables you to use digital assistants for routine work, better decision-making, and interacting with other IT systems

Benefits of RPA

With a reliable RPA service provider, your robots will be free from the human error factor and 10 to 20 times quicker than employees.

Higher customer satisfaction rates

Owing to RPA, your business will be in the right position to complete routine tasks more quickly and with fewer mistakes, keeping your end-clients satisfied and content.

Lower risks and better compliance

RPA tech companies are known for their ability to make it possible for you to build verified projections, take all factors into consideration, and make better decisions.

Employee efficiency and engagement

When your team members are relieved from daily routines and know that all the major issues will be taken care of by your IT system, they stay more focused.

Andersen's potential with UiPath

SaaS robots working on demand

Andersen will help you to use UiPath cloud-based robots for your purposes, with absolutely no infrastructure costs.

AI-driven document forms

Benefit from no-code document processing capabilities and obtain an easy way to automate document handling with no need for engineering or Data Science.

Seamless integration

Apply any combinations of UI, API, and AI in automations effortlessly. You can use a wide library of pre-arranged integrations to build more quickly and simply than ever.

State-of-the art automation capabilities

As a partner of UiPath, Andersen's robotics experts and automation engineers will reveal almost unlimited opportunities, including:

Task and Process Mining

With Andersen as your RPA tech company of choice, you will quickly identify areas to be improved, e.g. repetitive tasks, bottlenecks, process variations, unexplained anomalies, etc.

Smart Document Recognition

Being a trusted RPA service provider, Andersen will help you with AI and ML-powered tools to effectively scan and recognize your documents to find facts and identify patterns you need.

Swift Digital Transformation

Robots are able to emulate how people behave within your platforms and comprehend associated screens. This will boost your business processes.

Automated Testing

Entrust your QA tasks to robots built by Andersen on the basis of the best industry practices and the latest AI and ML trends in the software testing domain to speed up your business and tech processes.

Risk Mitigation Tools

Let Andersen provide you with robots capable of scanning and accessing publicly available databases, directories, rankings, blacklists and watch lists, as well as other sources, to collect and structure critical data.

Robotized Research

If you deal with investments, investigations, or other data-intensive tasks, Andersen can provide your staff with personal digital assistants to obtain data from secondary and in-house sources and perform targeted searches.

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Denis Astapchenia, Head of Financial Services
Denis Astapchenia

Andersen's RPA project scope

Initial pilot projects

If your company is going to experiment with next-gen robots, Andersen is the right choice to help you with your initiative on a limited scale so that you can test its potential.

Scaling up with RPA

Andersen is a perfect match for those who want to scale up their business on an RPA basis, be it task and process mining, document handling, chatbots, QA robots, etc.

Full automation

Andersen's RPA experts are always ready to join and carry out even the most ambitious and daring enterprise-grade projects aimed at automating and revolutionizing every facet of your business.

Reasons to choose Andersen

Proven expertise and focus on fintech software

Financial developers available to start from tomorrow

GDPR and information security regulatory compliance

Mature delivery processes

Motivated specialists only

Zero tolerance for poor architecture and code quality

IT Solutions for Financial Industry

IT Solutions for Financial Industry

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Make your banking business truly modern and digitized to win more customers, boost profits, and stand out against competitors with Andersen.

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