Development of Custom Compliance Solutions

With Andersen, you will always be in the right position to manage or eliminate the risks of your software initiatives and comply with strict regulatory requirements

API-driven custom client onboarding and management solutions

Transaction Monitoring

The team knows how to integrate external solutions with our custom-built software to better mitigate AML risks associated with transfers, deposits, and withdrawals.

Knowledge Management

Andersen's specialists have extensive experience in building tailored solutions to manage and access regulatory information via customizable dashboards, giving you access to real-time information from multiple sources.

Complaint Management

Andersen has built plenty of custom client management solutions for different sectors. Our simple and intuitive software will help you improve the way you onboard clients and handle complaints.

Audit Management

Custom solutions from our experts are built to comply with any jurisdictional and regulatory landscapes. We will help your business achieve compliance in an efficient and seamless manner.

Regulatory Reporting

All our custom compliance solutions are designed to meet the strictest industry standards and follow the best regulatory practices.

AI-Driven Automation of Document Flow

Checking non-standard documents is complicated and can generate compliance risks. Human errors are also a negative factor. Our AI-driven and ML solutions help to minimize such risks.

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Denis Astapchenia, Head of Financial Services
Denis Astapchenia

Reasons to choose Andersen

Proven expertise and focus on FinTech software

Financial developers available to start from tomorrow

GDPR and information security regulatory compliance

Mature delivery processes

Motivated specialists only

Zero tolerance for poor architecture and code quality

Case studies

Andersen's financial software developers will help you with any kind of Price Comparison or any other FinTech solutions. Check out our case studies to learn more about our expertise.

Financial software solutions and services

Financial software solutions and services

Finance Robotics Process Automation

The Finance industry is extremely challenging in terms of compliance, data protection, data-driven decision-making, and responsibility. Andersen's robots will help you cope with these challenges.

Andersen's RPA expertise in Finance covers:

  • Automated transactions
  • Reporting and planning
  • Best RPA practices in Finance.
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