Software Testing Importance From Beginning to End: An Informed Overview

Evgeniy Brik

Evgeniy Brik

Head of QA at Andersen

Quality Assurance
Nov 9, 2022
9 minutes to read
  1. Software testing importance. Some basics
  2. Some observations explaining why software testing is important
  3. Reflections on the importance of testing in software development projects of all kinds: why is it a must?
  4. Important aspects of software testing in practice
  5. Some basics of a typical testing flow:
  6. Sorts of software testing
  7. Software check challenges that Andersen helps overcome

Questions concerning why software testing is necessary seem to have an obvious answer. After all, if you want something of importance to function properly, it would be reasonable to check how it works. However, too many teams still neglect the QA dimension of their efforts. For instance, in the context of software testing importance, figures from HackerRank’s survey are of particular interest. When analyzing their major bugs in production, most tech professionals, as many as 60%, name deploying untested or broken code as the main reason why problems occur.

In the capacity of a dependable vendor of software testing services, Andersen fully understands the true importance of testing in software engineering. This is why we decided to dedicate a special piece to this problem. Let’s start with the basics.

Software testing importance. Some basics

The professionals at ISTQB, a reputable hub of expertise, explain that “software testing” stands for actions taken to evaluate code quality and reduce the probability of software failures during operation. Such actions, both static and dynamic ones, span the entire life cycle of an individual product or a multi-divisional system. In this capacity, QA is not a distinctive separate phase, rather a continuous priority, matching the foundations of the dominant Agile technique. Thus, ignoring QA or simply not dedicating ample resources to this process is a path to lose the race in the competitive quality-obsessed landscape of today.

Some observations explaining why software testing is important

The demand for QA rounds is growing all over the globe. Around 2022, this niche was worth around $45 billion. In 2023, the segment was destined to hit $70 billion. Why is this increase happening? There must be significant driving forces behind this growth, proving our assumptions regarding the importance of QA.

The reason is straightforward. Modern users are quite demanding when it comes to their experiences with solutions of all kinds. Here are just a couple of figures, based on empirical research, proving this point:

  • A significant majority of customers, amounting to 67%, cite negative experiences from