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Why you need a UI/UX Designer on your project:

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Users decide if a project succeeds or fails. Andersen projects are built to fascinate users
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Combination of Three Disciplines

User Experience

The first and most important aim of user experience experts is to learn the goal of a product and to understand the problems it solves

User Interface (UI)

The job of UI designers come to how the product looks like: visuals and aesthetics of digital interfaces

Identity Design

A package of visual components together with style guidelines to ensure a consistent and tenacious corporate image and represent a business

By hiring a Designer from Andersen you receive a specialist skilled in all these fields, with real experience of many years, and ready to share their capabilities for the benefit of your future product

Nailed it

Here we have collected a gallery featuring the best results of our UI/UX and graphic designers. This portfolio contains the works done from scratch, where the designers were free to experiment and showcase their creativity as it is

Cloudbody Sport application

Kontur 15 man-months

Solox Communication app

Cityland Travel landing page

Emfit connect Health-care mobile app

Before / After

Rush cats character design

A turn-based artillery mobile IOS/Android game for kids in reliance on an old school mechanics presented in 3D environment

User Research

We analyzed more than 50 different mobile games in a bid to incorporate all latest trends and make the game a hit

Idea Generation

Our graphic designers had prepared a zillion drafts before they came up with the final look of the characters and fonts

Elaboration if details

The game has an interesting plot and obvious aims. To make it far more captivating and bright, all the details are thoroughly depicted

Five Reasons to Hire a UI/UX Designer

To Organize Your Website

It is the job of a UI/UX designer to build solid Information Architecture, which includes website mapping out and content organizing

To Know Users’ Expectations

UI/UX designers create the customers’ journey across your website, this journey is based on real user experience, so that your customer feels good remaining on your site for a long time

To Make Your Website Easy of Access

Here the task of UI/UX designers is in making a responsive design suitable for different people, this is possible with respect to various factors, such as internet connection speeds, browser consideration, etc

To Identify the User

Frequently UI/UX designers create so-called ‘personas’ to better understand their target audience. They aren’t real people but it helps to identify the users’ needs, wishes, and behaviours which significantly influence future design

To Advocate for the User

Different development team members advocate for different things: terms, functionality, speed, etc. Normally the design members are the ones to bring in ergonomics and human factors, always standing with users

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