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Why you need a UI/UX Designer on your project:

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Users decide if a project succeeds or fails. Andersen projects are built to fascinate users
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Combination of Three Disciplines

User Experience

The first and most important aim of user experience experts is to learn the goal of a product and to understand the problems it solves

User Interface (UI)

The job of UI designers come to how the product looks like: visuals and aesthetics of digital interfaces

Identity Design

A package of visual components together with style guidelines to ensure a consistent and tenacious corporate image and represent a business

By hiring a Designer from Andersen you receive a specialist skilled in all these fields, with real experience of many years, and ready to share their capabilities for the benefit of your future product

Nailed it

Here we have collected a gallery featuring the best results of our UI/UX and graphic designers. This portfolio contains the works done from scratch, where the designers were free to experiment and showcase their creativity as it is

Cloudbody Sport application

Kontur 15 man-months

Solox Communication app

Cityland Travel landing page

Emfit connect Health-care mobile app

Before / After

Rush cats character design

A turn-based artillery mobile IOS/Android game for kids in reliance on an old school mechanics presented in 3D environment

User Research

We analyzed more than 50 different mobile games in a bid to incorporate all latest trends and make the game a hit

Idea Generation

Our graphic designers had prepared a zillion drafts before they came up with the final look of the characters and fonts

Elaboration if details

The game has an interesting plot and obvious aims. To make it far more captivating and bright, all the details are thoroughly depicted

Five Reasons to Hire a UI/UX Designer

To Organize Your Website

It is the job of a UI/UX designer to build solid Information Architecture, which includes website mapping out and content organizing

To Know Users’ Expectations

UI/UX designers create the customers’ journey across your website, this journey is based on real user experience, so that your customer feels good remaining on your site for a long time

To Make Your Website Easy of Access

Here the task of UI/UX designers is in making a responsive design suitable for different people, this is possible with respect to various factors, such as internet connection speeds, browser consideration, etc

To Identify the User

Frequently UI/UX designers create so-called ‘personas’ to better understand their target audience. They aren’t real people but it helps to identify the users’ needs, wishes, and behaviours which significantly influence future design

To Advocate for the User

Different development team members advocate for different things: terms, functionality, speed, etc. Normally the design members are the ones to bring in ergonomics and human factors, always standing with users

Our satisfied clients

SMB, enterprise and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen.

 Antti Paukku
Antti Paukku Software Architect
Management Events
Our cooperation with Andersen started with an urgent need for five developers. They were quick to provide us with software engineers whose skills were relevant to our requirements. The developers were always open to discuss any issue that inevitably popped up during the project, which was successfully sorted out, so we are happy about the project’s results.
 Heikki Räisänen
Heikki Räisänen Entrepreneur
Andersen has been really great to work with. They have very broad skills to develop software, easily available new resources when needed, always fast and clear replies and response. Very good ROI which is great interest in these days.
 Wayne Creel
Wayne Creel CTO CREELiT
Andersen has been not just a vendor but a partner in our success. They have provided us with exceptionally talented developers, business analysts, and graphics professionals.
I have really appreciated their team’s willingness to go way above and beyond what is required of them to help us get the best results.
I especially like that the team members are in the same building and can collaborate in person, it really helps get things completed and understood the first time.
 Giedrius Šteimantas
Giedrius Šteimantas Partner
Lean Technologies
Andersen provided us with the resources we needed at the time when we needed. Developers were qualified and as advertised. I really feel that we have gained a valuable partner for the future.
 Krister Juselius
Krister Juselius Chairman and owner
It's been already 2 years since we started working with Andersen. We had some worries about external team and how we'd get along, but these guys are indeed involved in their work and committed. There surely were some issues to discuss, but overall, we always reach a compromise. Having implemented 3 projects with Andersen, we're already planning new one. That's a team you may not fear to entrust your project.
 Zouhair Charif
Zouhair Charif Consulting & Support Director
and Co-founder Globe Payroll
We looked for Java developers for complex fintech project.Since the beginning Andersen engineers have been positively responsive and flexible. Our requests were carefully considered and either satisfied or revised. What is rarely met sometimes, Andersen's developers were quite strict with the time frames without failing the quality level. We also appreciate the readiness of team members to communicate and discuss issues that rose up during the development.
 Laurent Le Meur
Laurent Le Meur CTO
Andersen developers have been working for EDRLab on a REST based server project in Golang. They are dedicated to their work, and do not hesitate asking question when needed. The code is clean and carefully tested. Besides, developers demonstrate a good English level, and in general, working with them is a pleasure.
 Henrik Erlandsson
Henrik Erlandsson Owner
NetCart contacted Andersen in autumn 2015. There was a need for development support for an indeterminedtime. Andersen was able to, in short time, present a list of available developers. Through Andersen, NetCarthas been able to speed up product development and also polish the website externally with new features, and internal admin pages. The actual developer was very agile and NetCartwas able to shift and re-prioritize among existing projects.
 Vasili Shamshur
Vasili Shamshur Senior Manager
Based on our work with Andersen Ltd. since 2014 year we could provide only positive feedback on our partnerships with this company. We are completely satisfied with skillset of provided teams. Besides that, we are amazed by motivation of each contractor to work more effectively in teams. They are always focused on providing high-quality results of work. Arising questions and issues have been resolved with focusing on valuable outcome for IHS.
 Gaj Varma
Gaj Varma CTO
We had a small team of three, and from the very beginning I understood that we had to extend our team, as we faced problems with meeting deadlines. The main problem in searching new team members was, that at our project we use Angular v 1.6, and nowadays it's quite a rare technology. Andersen presented us with 3 CVs of potential candidates in a few days, and one of them became our team member already in a week.
 Peter Zielke
Peter Zielke CEO
We started our collaboration with a relatively small team of 5 developers. We enjoyed working with Andersen and decided to extend the team in a year. In short terms we had 7 more developers scale-up. Management of such a big remote team was our major concern, however all team members do a very good job and communicate well. We are planning to extend our team with Andersen going forward.
 Fabrice Frade
Fabrice Frade Fondateur
Etag World
We needed to add extra skills to our project team to complete the project in time. After discussing our requirements with key Andersen's development manager, we got two highly qualified Android developers, QA and Business analyst. With their assistance we managet to finish all task the day before deadline. We extremely satisfied with the cooperation and has already recommended Andersen to our colleagues from 'HQSolutions' company.
Jonathan Bibas Co-Founder Ellis-Car - The Data Driven Company
Hertereau Pascal CTO Testapic - QA service
Philippe Adib CTO Lion of Fire - Canada, Montreal
Luis Urcia Technaura Systems GmbH - Mainz, DE