Design Services to Grow Your Business

Design Services to Grow Your Business

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Award-winning design agency


Recognition among the design community

Awards and honorable mentions by Awwwards, Dribbble, and Behance.


UX-certified by the Nielsen Norman Group

Andersen's specialists are certified by leading UX experts and universities worldwide.


4.9 stars on Clutch

Top UX Strategy Development Services Agency in 2022, according to Clutch.

Design Services we provide

Finest success stories

Meet Andersen's team of experts

Aleksey F.
Aleksey F.
Senior Product Architect
  • 12 years of experience
  • Certified by Nielsen Norman in 2022
  • 50+ projects delivered

Previously at:

Inna Y.
Inna Y.
Senior UX/UI Designer
Viacheslav M.
Viacheslav M.
Senior UI/UX Designer

Why streamline the design process with us?

Design process

Business and user research

Andersen prioritizes product development areas, building on the needs of markets, users, and businesses.

Problem identification

Designing and testing with users

Product support and development

Our approach results in reduced design team costs by up to 50%

Andersen prioritizes areas for product development

Andersen's team helped to reduce the amount of abandoned orders in the checkout for Event Decor by 40%.

Andersen conducts tests with users at early stages

In 2023, our efficiently conducted tests saved over $300,000 for our customers.

Andersen provides full documentation

Explore some samples of the design documentation on our BA page.

Efficient team composition for solving your design problems

10 years of well-documented Design experience

Sharing the expertise to push your product forward

Andersen's Senior Architects oversee the entire design process to ensure that everything we produce always meets the highest possible standards. Also, we organize meetups to share the latest design trends, practices, and case studies.

Sharing the expertise to push your product forward

Up to 3x faster and more efficient communication

Andersen provides full access to all the platforms we work with for fast and efficient communication. Additionally, we assign Project Managers even to short-term Design projects to keep everything on track.