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When providing Managed Delivery Services, we have always been successful in meeting deadlines, budget limitations, and system requirements

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Andersen's product development services always leave our customers satisfied with the results. That is why we are a top-ranked company

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Owing to Andersen's proven track record, we are in the right position to assume responsibility for the most complex software product development

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When to choose the Managed Delivery model

Andersen's customers opt for the Managed Delivery model for a variety of reasons. On the basis of our extensive track record, we have distinguished the most typical problems that are best addressed with this framework.

You need a clear timeline and results

With our extensive experience, we can swiftly generate accurate estimates concerning both the overall duration of your IT project and the results we will ensure within this timeframe.

You want to exercise transparent budget control

When it comes to resource estimates, our projections are as accurate as the deadlines we set. All your expenses and costs will be thoroughly assessed in advance and tracked.

Feature management is a must for you

Andersen's Managed Delivery experts will make sure that you can define the set of features you expect to obtain and take into consideration every applicable element.

Your in-house team should focus on business matters

Contracting Andersen will relieve your IT employees of additional development burdens and enable them to fully concentrate on your core business priorities.

You need multi-faceted external expertise

Sometimes, in-house teams lack not only some skills but also entire development and management skill sets. That's when Andersen's product development services come to the rescue.

You want to share responsibility with a trusted vendor

Entrusting your IT initiatives to Andersen's managed delivery framework will grant you access to a source of deep external expertise so that you can mitigate any risks and avoid numerous problems.

Benefits of Andersen's Managed Delivery

Andersen's Managed Delivery framework will put your business in the right position to benefit from a range of important and far-reaching advantages.

Minimal in-house commitment

Responsibility for the success of your project is assumed by Andersen and hence lies outside your company, which means minimal time commitment for you and your in-house team.

MVP delivered ASAP

When it comes to startups, releasing your MVP on time, within budget, and in full may be a matter of survival. Andersen will take care of that in an end-to-end fashion to get things right.

Quick launch of extra products

If you need to support your core software with extra products or quickly add important additional functionalities with a wide scope, our Managed Delivery is surely the direction to go.

Effective implementation of straightforward projects

If you operate in a stable market with clear client expectations, our Managed Delivery Services will ensure the results you need quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively.

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Valentin Kuzmenko, Chief Commercial Officer
Valentin Kuzmenko

Managed Delivery Structure

This is how Andersen's Managed Delivery collaboration model works in practice.

Processing 1/4

Project initiation phase

The Project initiation phase implies mutual validation and common preparations needed to launch your IT project.


Processing 2/4

Project discovery

At this stage, we deal with your vision and scope, architecture, and design issues and estimates.


Processing 3/4

Agile sprints

Andersen's highly organized development sprints – with planning, sprint backlogs, development activities, sprint reviews, and increments.


Processing 4/4


Andersen's support and maintenance team will do its best to keep things running for you, including monitoring, upgrades, reports, and recommendations.


Expert custom solutions with over 1,000 projects delivered

Andersen's Managed Delivery framework is your direction to go if you want to delegate your software initiative to an expert-level team of engineers and other required IT specialists.

Managed Delivery case studies

By providing state-of-the-art software product development services, we help to create best-in-class solutions. The results are reflected in our case studies.

Real-time project map

Explore how Andersen is helping its customers within our Managed Delivery framework.

Project portfolio




Here is what Andersen's satisfied customers say about our contribution to their IT initiatives

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What happens next?

An expert contacts you shortly after having analyzed your business requirements;

If required, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level;

A Pre-Sales Manager submits a comprehensive project proposal. It may include estimates, timelines, lists of CVs, etc., for a particular situation;

The team assembled for your IT project can start delivering within ten business days.