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Andersen’s design experts possess all the skills and knowledge required to upgrade your UI/UX


The designers can reduce your bounce rate by redesigning your product. Thus, you will boost your user engagement and conversion rates

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UI/UX specialists not only review and rearrange your visuals but also improve and optimize your user journeys and increase your conversion rates

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Andersen's team ensures an optimal UX by conducting UX testing rounds and applying various analytics methodologies

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Website Redesign Services that grow businesses

With Andersen's professional Redesign Services, you will greatly improve the efficiency and performance of your business! We will make sure that everything works perfectly.

Comprehensive UI/UX audit

Significant improvements always begin with the proper identification of issues through an in-depth UI/UX audit conducted by experts. With a UI/UX audit, you will see the weaknesses of your product, if any, via heatmaps, analytics, and design methodologies. After that, we will prepare a custom plan, setting goals for your product.

Product-centered approach

Redesign with Andersen is a comprehensive set of changes aimed at helping you achieve your business goals. We offer a product-centered approach that is a cyclical range of alterations guaranteeing the proper evolution of your IT project and assisting you with achieving the desired result.

Functionality issues

Andersen's expert team examines a comprehensive range of potential functionality issues, checks your level of accessibility, and deals with optimized responsive designs and intuitive user navigation to reduce bounce rates.

Project Gallery of our UI/UX solutions

We create a new visual experience as well as an impeccable and intuitive user interface. The complex of such UI/UX solutions opens new opportunities for our clients all over the globe.

Team of experts

Hire the high-end specialists you need. Get CVs in no time, and our dedicated team will start working on your project with full responsibility so that you can receive an outstanding software solution.



We are proud of the great projects Andersen has taken part in. Here is what our customers say about our expertise in UI/UX Design.

Get a consultation from a UI/UX Design Expert

What happens next?

An expert contacts you shortly after having analyzed your business requirements;

If required, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level;

A Pre-Sales Manager submits a comprehensive project proposal. It may include estimates, timelines, lists of CVs, etc., for a particular situation;

The team assembled for your IT project can start delivering within ten business days.