Urban Mobility Solutions

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Most common features to implement:

Urban Mobility Software

Andersen, as a top-notch transportation software development company, builds smart custom Urban Mobility Solutions to improve city infrastructure and enhance transportation experiences:

  • Multi-modal traffic simulation packages and planning and routing software built by us will boost the efficiency and optimize the timing of your transportation flows

  • Andersen creates ridesharing and public transportation logistics software to help end clients use your services with an increased level of automation and convenience

  • Create traffic situations and vehicle movement in virtual environments with different modes of transportation. Simulate cars, buses, trains, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.

  • Handle Urban Mobility challenges via adaptive logistics route planning, real-time navigation, and connected fleet management to increase the efficiency of your cities

  • Collect telematics data via vehicle telematics solutions, including GPS tracking, traffic modeling, navigation, and multimodal transit planning from all possible sources

Network and Mobility Management Software

For over 15 years in smart Urban Mobility Solutions, we've been delivering software for public transportation, adaptive route planning, real-time navigation, connected fleet management, etc.:

  • Urban Mobility platforms enable you to benefit from custom transport and logistics software solutions with new features and existing services integration

  • Intermodal systems to manage traffic interactively – including vehicles, public transport, and pedestrians – with speed limits, traffic lights, and vehicle behavior

  • Custom integrations in your traffic and transport software solutions, such as route finding, visualizations, emission calculation, virtual population models, etc.

  • Optimize on-demand, scheduled mobility, and other operations of your business via rich map content and attributes that serve every mode of transportation

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Sharing, Pooling, Rental

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Urban Mobility Solutions

Propel your logistics business to new heights with custom smart parking tools, last-mile delivery solutions, traffic management software, etc.

Smart City Solutions

With IoT tools, location-based services, and data analytics, local authorities and private companies can make their cities more liveable, attractive, and sustainable.

Freight Forwarding Optimization

The team builds freight management platforms that support quoting and booking freight loads and reduce transaction times by streamlining information sharing.

Blockchain for Logistics and Supply Chain

Apply the potential of blockchain to ensure faster delivery, remove intermediaries, secure traceability, and maintain cost-efficiency.

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